Kyle Richards Does Not Want Her Daughters Getting Plastic Surgery..Well Maybe…


Kyle Richards, known for her role on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, looks better at 45 than she ever has. This is for a number of reasons, namely two. Reason number one: the reality TV star eats next to no sugar. Reason number two: she gets regular plastic surgery and cosmetic alterations.

Then and now, Richards looks better than ever. images

Despite her own reliance on the world of cosmetic surgery, Kyle does NOT want her daughters going under the knife, no thank you!

Apparently, Kyle wants to be the only one in this pack with plastic surgery.

Thanks to skipping out on many delicious foods, Kyle Richards wants everyone to know that she has shed 7-pounds since the last season of Real Housewives. Kyle told Parade this month, “I’m only 5-foot-2, with big boobs and a butt, so it shows!” Clearly, someone likes their body. And she should, after all she puts in a lot of work to keep herself in such good shape.

She admits that she takes the time to exercise and eat right. Utilizing so much will-power isn’t easy for anyone but Kyle is all-smiles about it because it earns her a great figure. Strangely though, during the same interview with Parade, Kyle also shared that being thin was not a priority for her right now.

If you’re confused, I am too. And apparently Kyle Richards is confused too. She is working her bum off to stay thin, but her weight is not a priority? The contradictions just keep on coming throughout the interview. For instance, despite her open love affair with plastic surgery, she says she does not want any one of her 4 children to get work done.

In proof of Kyle’s plastic surgery obsession:

-In 2006 Kyle Richards got a nose job.

-In 2012 she got liposuction in order to make her love handles disappear and her hips look smaller.

-Kyle regularly gets Botox injections to keep her face tight.

Kyle Richards (and her fake “abs”) after having liposuction in 2012:
Kyle Richards in a Bikini after full body liposuction

Kyle may say that she doesn’t want her girls to get plastic surgery, but her actions seem to contradict her words quite often, meaning her girls will likely be going under the knife whenever they please. After all, when Parade asked Kyle if she would support one of her daughters if they decided to get plastic surgery, she followed up her definite no with, “…if they were adamant and they were an adult, I would I guess have to see what it was.”


Although all of her daughters are gorgeous and perfect, I put money on the table that they all have plastic surgery before 25.  And as for Kyle Richards? She’s probably getting more plastic surgery right now! Kyle Richards’ stance on many things, including plastic surgery, seems pretty wishy-washy, right?!

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