Twins Sharing Same Boyfriend Get Identical Plastic Surgery To Look Like Kim K.


Lucy and Anna DeCinque are more than just twins. The two 28-year-olds living in Perth, Australia literally share EVERYTHING. They share the same Facebook account, plastic surgery agenda, cell phone, and bed. Oh yeah, and they even share the same boyfriend. According to Anna, “I don’t think we could get any closer.” I doubt anyone would argue with that!

Pictured below, before and after the twins underwent surgery to look exactly the same–and more like Kim K.


I guess some of this sharing might save the twins money, helping them to afford over $200,000 on plastic surgery in order to age exactly the same and look even more alike.

The surgeries and cosmetic procedures the two have undergone (side-by-side of course) include:

-Breast implants

-Lip enhancements

-Cheek enhancements

-Weekly skin peels

-Infrared sauna treatments

-Tattooed eyebrows

They also stick to the same exercise regime and diet to ensure one never looks different than the other. They both seek inspiration from Kim Kardashian when it comes to their cosmetic alterations, as well as their fashion choices.


Beauty school dropouts Anna and Lucy apply their Kim Kardashian inspired makeup:

The girls say they like everything the same, and so this naturally includes their taste in men—hence how they have the same boyfriend. So who is this boyfriend? Ben Byrne is a 31-year-old electrical mechanic that has been dating the girls for 18 months. Not only does he get two girlfriends out of the deal, but he also gets a place to live—although that means living at his girlfriends’ mother’s home.

70-year-old Jeanna is surprisingly supportive of her daughters’ decision to share the same boyfriend, she has even let him live under her roof for the last 10 months with little to no complaints.

In the past the girls have typically had their own boyfriends, although they were always brothers or at least best friends. The twins say wherever they go men stop them and say they would love to date, or marry, both of them. Perhaps these occurances helped inspire their idea to score the same exact boyfriend.

The girls met Ben through a mutual Facebook friend using their joint account, and the rest was pure magical romance made for 3. It’s not all fun and games though, Ben admits to Woman’s Day, “It’s my first time with two girlfriends, and to be honest it’s very difficult because it has to be 100 per cent even.” At first he was shy about the unusual arrangement, but with time he has grown comfortable with the situation and is now ready to share it with the world.

And if you are wondering about their sex life the twins share, “We’re all together when we have sex, and if we like the same guy, so be it.” Besides, they say that if they did have different boyfriends they wouldn’t be able to tell the two twins apart anyway.

Twins Lucy and Anna DeCinque share everything, including their boyfriend.

The girls went to the same nursery, primary, and secondary schools, and even dropped out of beauty school together. While the dynamic duo likes to act and look the same, you will never catch them repeating an outfit. They always wear a new outfit every time they go out.

So how do they afford it all—besides still living at home with mom? They share a job serving food to the elderly at a local retirement home, each working part of what is a full-time job intended for one person. Hey–they share everything else, why not a job!


Still, there’s got to be the occasional catfight—right? The girls admit they do fight from time to time, but that doesn’t mean they don’t rely on one another every day of their life.

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