You Won’t Believe What Courtney Stodden Named Her Gigantic Fake Boobs


Thanks to reality TV, we have some of the strangest celebrities ever running around Hollywood today. Take Courtney Stodden for example. Back in 2011 when Stodden was only 16-years-old she married 51-year-old actor Doug Hutchison. Now at 20, Courtney still strives to keep herself in the spotlight for just about nothing, except maybe her huge tits with their very own names. She considers herself a reality personality, model, actress, and animal rights activist—hey at least she’s using her giant jugs to help the animals!

Then and now, Courtney looks a lot different…. is it really just her breasts?

As per usual, Courtney Stodden is letting it all hang out there. Recently she came out swinging, taking hits at anyone that accused her of having loads of plastic surgery. Courtney says that she has not had any work done on her face, or any other part of her body, other than her breasts. She does admit to getting filler injected into her lips about one year ago, but she says the results only lasted for 6 months.

One thing she can’t deny having done is her breast augmentation. She says, “I wasn’t depressed with a smaller chest, it’s just that I didn’t feel my most confident self. And confidence is so important in all aspects of life, it’s what takes you far.”

Courtney Stodden and her “confidence” looking like it’s about to explode right out of her chest…
courntey stodden and her huge painful gross boobs

While at first she did get some looks, and doubts about her decision to go under the knife to enlarge her breasts, she says that everyone she loves, including herself, is now happy with the decision. Upgrading her small chest to E-Cup boobs means it’s not easy to escape the stares, from men and women. After all they sort of ‘stand out.’ But Courtney doesn’t let that faze her, when she wants to keep the stares at bay she simply wears more conservative clothing.

“I have zero regret, in fact, I think I would have regret my decision had I not got my girls.” Ironic that she calls them her ‘girls’ like they are her children, because in a way, they really are. Courtney has even named each of her E-cup implants, calling one Boo and the other Bee. Get it? Boo and Bee? Boobie?! Oh, Courntey, so clever that one…


Living in the plastic capital of Los Angeles, Courtney says that she sees the risks in getting too obsessed with plastic surgery all around her. Just like any addiction, she admits that plastic surgery can take over your life and turn into a “potentially deadly cycle.” While Courtney is not planning to go under the knife anytime soon she does leave some wiggle room for her next cosmetic alteration saying, “…but when gravity begins to take place, you better believe I’ll be ringing my surgeon!!!”

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  • avatar Layne says:

    Her nose looks a little pointed to me but other than that I doubt she’s had any real work on her face. She clearly has some lip injections. Makeup can do incredible things to change the way one’s face looks, it’s all about contouring, and everyone can see she wears a ton of makeup.

  • avatar Bill says:

    She really is an impressive looking woman. So nice to see a woman interested in looking good as opposed to the run-of-the-mill flat chested fuglies that populate Hollywood, that all try to look the same.

    Enjoy the photos but could do without the inane commentary but you expect that on this idiotic site. The writers are truly losers of the first degree.

    • avatar None of your business says:

      Bill, the only idiot here is YOU for continuing to read a site that you hate so much. We know you get off on plastic surgery, but it’s pathetic. Only a moron subjects themselves to a source of constant complaint.

      Trolls are so clueless.

  • avatar Clarice says:

    Well…she was pretty before…but now she looks like a 40yr. old stripper — rode hard and put up wet to dry. BUMMER!

  • avatar None of your business says:

    Doug Hutchinson is a creep. And will this woman PLEASE get some real and true friends in her life?!

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