Cynthia Nixon Then and Now – Has She Had Plastic Surgery?!


Cynthia Nixon is 48-years old and looks incredible. Best known for her role as Miranda Hobbes on Sex and the City, Cynthia serves as a fashion icon to women all over the world. And for those battling breast cancer, the superstar offers even more hope and inspiration, having successfully battled off the disease after her diagnoses in 2006.

Just like any good looking celebrity without much sign of wrinkles or fat, the public just has to know: what is she doing to retain her youthful glow, figure, and skin!?!

Cynthia Nixon then and now:
Cynthis Nixon then and now. Has she had plastic surgery?

Throughout the years many rumors about plastic surgery have surrounded the star, including a boob job back in 2008. Although Nixon fired back at these rumors, and even admitted having a good laugh over the whole thing.

Me?! Plastic surgery?! You gotta be kidding me!
Cynthia Nixon

While rumors were correct that she had been at St Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital that weekend, she claims she was in the Oncology department for a routine 3-month check up related to her breast cancer. She even said that if she were to get a boob job, “…wouldn’t it make sense that I’d get it before Sex and the City (the movie)?”

With these ladies as best friends, the pressure to be perfect is on. 

Perhaps Cynthia does not have breast implants, but she’s just got to be doing something in order to keep her age from showing—so what is it?

Cynthia says that she uses a very gentle beauty regimen in order to keep her sensitive skin looking its best. As an ageing adult with rosacea she must be extra cautious about using too much foundation or harsh exfoliates, otherwise she risks looking older and aggravating her skin. She recommends stick foundation placed only where it is needed, as opposed to all over.

Those closest to Cynthia say she is not the type to run out and get a bunch of plastic surgery, that’s just not her style. Although, some Botox injections are not completely out of the question… what do you think?


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