Courtney Stodden Needs To Fix Those Horrendous Breast Implants


Oh, I remember it like yesterday: When Courtney Stodden said she was done with plastic surgery until “gravity begins to take place”, at least…But, wait, it was almost yesterday that she said that! Yet gravity has clearly already set in on the GIGANTIC breast implants that she got barely a year ago.


Yes, it’s true, Courtney Stodden traded in her perky 19-year old B-cups for these sloppy, pendulous E-cups that would look more at home on a 50-year old stripper, or retired pornstar, than a 20-year old “Christian”.

Courtney Stodden showing off her Christian sensibility before and after getting breast implants:
Courtney Stodden Before and After Boob Job 2013

Courtney claims that not only is she thrilled with her E-cup breast implants, but her parents and her husband are also very happy with her plastic surgery transformation.

Courtney Stodden and her breasts now:

But, is she really happy with the results of her gigantic breast implants, which have already begun their downward plummet? I know that Courtney isn’t the sharpest crayon in the box, but I’m pretty sure that she has eyes, and I don’t know anyone (with eyes) that thinks those monstrosities implanted in her chest are attractive (except maybe Bill?). Perhaps Courtney’s recent reunion with her creeper husband has an ulterior motive…

We would love to see Courtney get her breasts fixed. We are all for it, if women want to look over-the-top sexy, but those E-cups are just too big for someone as tiny as Courtney Stodden. Trade those puppies in for a D-cup and a breast lift, Courtney!


  • avatar Lola says:

    Those implants look painful – they looked okay with the swelling in the picture of her with the black bikini top, but you really hit the nail in the head when you compared her to an ageing stripper. Its a shame that those with the sweetest personalities always do this to themselves 🙁

    I honestly think she should have been proud of her perky small chest, it looked great on her and was in proportion to her body shape.

    If she insists on having huge breasts she really should have gotten them under muscle to make them more realistic. Teardrop implants look gorgeous and realistic, so I dont understand why people still go for the round implants – they look the worst on skinny/naturally flat chested girls.

    She should have stayed brunette.

  • avatar daynet says:

    She should have left well enough alone, jeez!

  • avatar Jennifer says:

    I see a full breast reconstruction, reduction and new implants in her near future. Those things are gonna stretch down to her knees very soon!!! I still don’t nuy she is 20 either……

  • avatar None of your business says:

    I refuse to believe she’s anywhere below 40 years old, lack of maturity or not.

    • avatar Amber says:

      It’s hard to believe, but she really is. I grew up in the same small town as her. Her older sister is a couple of years younger than me. Crazy huh?

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