Woman Gets Third Breast in A Bizarre Bid For Fame


Meet Jasmine Tridevil, the worlds first woman with three boobs.

Jasmine Tridevil and her three breasts:
Jasmine Tridevil Three breasted woman

Jasmine is a 21-year old Florida native, who desperately wants to be famous. The massage therapist scrimped and saved in order to afford the $20,000 surgery to construct a third breast, which she feels is her ticket to fame and fortune.

Jasmine’s third breast is constructed of skin grafts taken from her hip area, and two silicon implants. One implant was used to simulate the breast tissue and a smaller implant on top simulates the areola and nipple. Jasmine also had a “nipple” tattooed on for a more realistic effect. Finding a plastic surgeon that was willing to perform such a bizarre, and what some say is unethical, procedure, was no easy task and Jasmine was turned down by dozens of plastic surgeons before she was able to find one that was willing to perform the surgery to give her a third breast. Not surprisingly, the surgeon does not want their identity revealed and made Jasmine sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Jasmine Tridevil Three boobs

So why does someone go through with a bizarre body modification like getting a third breast? To become famous of course! Jasmine has been filming herself in hopes that MTV will pick her up for a reality show. Although she also explains that she got a third breast in hopes of turning off guys, because she never wants to date again. (So says the girl that dresses provocatively, and happily poses with the guys from The Thunder Downunder for her 21st birthday…)

Jasmine flashes her tri-tits with the guys from The Thunder Downunder:
Jasmine Tridevil Three boobs Las Vegas

Do you think Jasmine will succeed in her quest to become a reality star? Judging by her pretty crappy Youtube videos, where she appears to be completely devoid of a personality, we are going to guess that no, we will not be seeing her on television anytime soon, and we can file her away with one-hit wonders like Octomom, Courtney Stodden and Sydney Leathers.

Jasmine Tridevil before and after surgery to get third breast:
jasmine tridevil before three breasts

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  • avatar Lola says:

    I had to check the date to make sure it wasn’t April 1st.

    I feel so bad for her but this is just hilarious. I can’t think of her becoming famous in any venue other than the porn industry if she is creative enough.

    What kind of “Total Recall” realness is this?!

    I can’t even imagine how annoying it is to go shopping for clothes with three tits. Will always have to be stuck in a sports bra or custom wear.

    LOL I keep scrolling back up and laughing, it looks like her heart just plopped up between her breasts.

  • avatar EEEK says:

    It looks like a giant, really bizarre skin tag. What a waste of money.

  • avatar Jennifer says:

    This story turned out to be fake. She is wearing a prosthetic. What a weirdo anyway…..

  • avatar None of your business says:

    #dead at “tri-tits” and “Total Recall realness.”

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