Fashionistas Are Getting Plastic Surgery To Reduce “Boot Bulge”


As fall approaches, the latest boot styles hit the stores, tempting all fashion lovers to come take a look. And who doesn’t love boots? For starters, they come in all different styles and heights, there are dressy boots with heels, casual flat boots, above the knee, calf height… and as an equestrian, I must say there are horseback riding boots too!

But have you ever tried on a pair of killer boots only to end up disappointed when they wouldn’t zip up over your calves? If so you are not alone, turns out many ladies find their favorite boot styles are made too small to fit over their calves. Instead of having boots stretched out, re-sized, or specially made, some women are combating the issue by tailoring their legs with plastic surgery.


High end fashion demands legs be so thin women are undergoing liposuction on their calves in order to wear the most coveted boots of the season. 

Dr. Matthew Schulman is a board certified plastic surgeon practicing in the Upper East Side of New York. In an interview with ABC News, he detailed seeing many patients seeking liposuction on their calf to reduce “boot bulge.”

If you run, bike or regularly work your calf muscles, there’s a chance you won’t have enough fat to undergo the procedure, Dr. Shulman explains there must be enough fat in the calf to remove anything. The procedure itself is detailed and a bit tricky, because you only want to take out very small amounts of fat. Patients are put under anesthesia and the total procedure takes around an hour and a half.


Surgery might sound extreme, but what would you do if you couldn’t wear boots like those found in Kim Kardashian‘s amazing collection of knee-highs!

Some people might be shouting at their screen, “WORK OUT!” But according to Sabrina, a New York resident that underwent the surgery last year, “I’m a fairly fit person, I always exercise. It wasn’t an area I could fix on my own. I assumed that if you could have liposuction on your stomach, why not on your calves?”

Dyan is a New Yorker still planning for her procedure. She is so excited about her future results she has already purchased several pairs of Stuart Weitzman stretch boots in anticipation.


Women have been running for calf-surgery in South Korea for several years, and today the procedure is gaining popularity in the US. The rise in calf-surgery can be linked to the fact more micro-surgeries are available due to advanced medical procedures and surgical tools. Back rolls, calves, ankles, and even kneecaps are other micro-areas experiecing a rise in liposuction requests.

If you decide to get calf surgery you won’t be squeezing into any tight boots soon. Recovery time can take up to 10 months! Most women are 85% healed within 4-5 months. Still, that’s a long recovery, and especially for a part of your body you count on to get you around everyday.

Would you consider having liposuction on your calves?

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