Top LA Surgeon Reveals Why Clooney Looks So Good and Renee Zellweger Looks So Bad After Cosmetic Surgery


There are certain celebs with obvious boob jobs, face-lifts, and brow lifts that the whole world talks about. Then, there are celebrities that look perfect but we are not really sure what they have had done to achieve that look, take George Clooney or Catherine Zeta-Jones for instance. Thanks to one top Los Angeles plastic surgeon, we now have some answers.

Dr. Michael Groth works out of Beverly Hills and specializes in eyelid and eyebrow surgery. The top surgeon knows a thing or two about identifying plastic surgery work, and he has a few secrets to share about the biggest names in Hollywood in regards to the work they have had done to maintain their youthful appearances.

The first celebrity he identifies as cosmetically altered is George Clooney.

young George Clooney

Dr. Groth says about Clooney, “He looks great and it’s my understanding that he may have had his upper lids done in a conservative sense.” While Dr. Groth is a fan of the work Clooney has had done, he does not think that Bruce Jenner or Kenny Rogers had the same success with their eyelids. He says that both of them have what appears to be the “old-style surgery” where a lot of volume is lost from the upper lids. Today it is all about keeping a full upper lid, like Clooney’s.

Next on the radar is Catherine Zeta-Jones.


Dr. Groth believes Jones has gotten her upper lids done as well. Although he says that just like Clooney, Zeta-Jones has a wonderful job that helps maintain her youthful appearance without taking away too much fullness from up top.

Not all of big name celebrities have the best looking work done, according to Dr. Groth some are very overdone. The overdone names on his list include:

Meg Ryan


Sharon Stone



Renee Zellweger


Dr. Groth says that Renee Zellweger has recently had too much surgery, which has taken away the, “charm of her full upper lid.”  While a very plump upper lid is an attractive quality it doesn’t always age well and can start to appear squinty. When this happens patients often come in to have work done, but when surgeons take away too much tissue, the results are not as good as they could be.

While Dr. Groth works on a number of big name celebrities, he isn’t about to say which ones. Dr. Groth has no problem throwing celebs under the bus, but not if they are his actual client—well that’s one reason to visit Dr. Groth if you’re a celebrity.

Wondering how much eyelid surgery costs? Dr. Groth says it can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $30,000, which is a pretty big spread. Celebrities depend on their faces to make money, and so according to Dr. Groth cosmetic surgery is a tax right off in some cases.

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