Kim Zolciak Loves Her New Belly Button After Latest Plastic Surgeries


Real Housewives Of Atlanta star, Kim Zolciak loves to show off her body on Facebook and Instagram. But after having 4 kids in the last 3-years Kim found herself less in love with her figure. After going under the knife, the mom started to get a lot of feedback—about how she got plastic surgery instead of working out to improve her post ‘babies’ body.

Kim Zolciak before and after tummy tuck:

Kim had a tummy tuck and breast augmentation, which she proudly shows off online as well as on her reality TV show. Self-obsessed Kim Zolciak doesn’t want people thinking she is lazy though. She is on a mission to prove she has worked for her body almost as much as she paid for it. In one of her attempts, she took to Facebook, posting the above before and after photos to show that she was in good shape before her tummy tuck. And, just so we know how much Kim loves herself, along with the photo, she commented, “Just so you guys are aware of how fabulous I was before my tummy tuck”. If you ask us, her tummy looks about the same in both photos, but it’s always hard to tell looking at grainy phone pictures.

In her defense, and to praise her plastic surgeon’s work, Kim also wrote on social media: “I had a hernia I needed repaired as well as my muscles so don’t get it twisted for you lazy asses that sit on the couch And think I look this good from surgery you are now set straight!! Enjoy!! Take a look at the placement of my belly button before and after! I gotta give it to @drhochstein he gave me a cute belly button.”

Kim (below) pictured at different times during her pregnancies.


Pictures of Kim (below) show her post-baby figure off before she had a tummy-tuck and second breast augmentation.


Instead of raising her 4 little kids, the 36-year old appears to be busy getting ready to work out to take pictures of herself in the gym, in hopes she can prove to her followers she worked out for her new body. She posts plenty of pictures hitting the gym, with not a drip of sweat in sight—hopefully these images are taken at the start of her workout, or else she isn’t working out too hard at all. Really want to prove something Kim? Take a sweaty pic next time!

Is Kim proving the haters wrong by taking lots of gym selfies?1412589368604_wps_8_This_is_really_happening_

I find it a little funny that even though she has admittedly had a lot of work done and works out, people still think photos (below) posted on September 17 were photo shopped by Kim before being shared.

Kim revealed her latest boob job via, you guessed it, a selfie on Instagram!

Prior to her most recent surgeries, a consultation with plastic surgeon Lenny Hochstein was aired on the reality series. During the consultation Kim pointed out the areas that were bothering her most. Including the excess skin that she had around her breasts. Zolciak also said she wanted her double D tatas (fake of course), to be ‘perkier’ and have more of a ‘tear drop shape.’ During the same surgery, she had a hernia that occurred during her fourth pregnancy taken care of, as well as excess skin on her stomach removed. Dr. Hochestein guaranteed Kim could wear the smallest bikini after her surgery with no sign of a scar thanks to the super low placement of his scar. In one of her many social media posts, Kim praises Dr. Hochstein for her new belly button he crafted– but don’t get it “twisted” she earned this body. Really, Kim?

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  • avatar Eli Caroline says:

    I think she looks great. I’m glad that she’s admitting to having cosmetic surgery rather than trying to hide it.

  • avatar None of your business says:

    Now if she can get them to whip up her a more feminine face.

  • avatar DeAnna says:

    I’m sitting around reading this for the first time. I do not watch the show and I’ve never heard of this woman until today—I will save you the explanation. My point is…. WHO CARES????? What does this woman have to offer the world?

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