Woman With Twisted Butt Implant Posts Brave Picture After Implant Removal


Back in 2012 we shared the story of ex-stripper Renee Talley, the woman with butt implants gone totally wrong. After having her butt implants surgically inserted, Talley faced a major issue, her implant flipped all the way around inside of her butt. Leaving a very awkward looking outer appearance because the flat backside of the implant was showing through. The last thing any woman paying for butt implants wants is a flat butt, although that’s exactly what Talley got.

Renee before and after removing her silicon butt implants:butt-implant-fail

Any woman willing to go under the knife to alter her physical appearance wants to look good, and feels insecure when they don’t look their best. For all these reasons and more, the entire experience was rather traumatic for Renee. Despite her own feelings, she decided to share a video with the world highlighting what can happen if you get butt implants. Turns out, this isn’t that uncommon of a problem in regards to this procedure.

The effects of her butt implants extended well past the exterior, due to the surgery to have her butt implants removed, Renee was bedridden for 6 months, and could not work out or do any physical activity throughout that time. During this period her body lost all muscle definition and her legs were further manipulated by cellulite.

Despite all of this, Renee decided to post a picture of what her butt looks like today for everyone that has been wondering what happened to her, and if she ever had her butt fixed. At this point she is active and mobile, and feeling a lot more like her old self. So even though she has not had her butt fixed with more cosmetic alterations, Renee is feeling better about her body than ever before.

Renee has had her butt implants removed, but she has not undergone reconstructive surgery on her booty. The damage from the first round taught Renee that trying too hard to be perfect can often turn around and teach you a lesson in appreciating what you have, because it can always be worse.

Renee posted this image of herself after butt implant removal, alongside a Photoshopped version to prove a point:

Renee also learned there is no such thing as perfect; even the models in fashion magazines do not look so 5-star in real life. Photoshop can do wonders, as Renee proved by photoshopping her own image. Without a doubt, the results could be in a biker babe magazine. While this might not be what she looks like today, the image itself gave her the confidence she needed to love herself as is.

Just like any popular, good-looking model, Renee only needs one good Photoshop expert to look perfect! Renee’s message is a good one for women to see, helping us realize that the unrealistic images shown in the media do way more harm than good, simply because they are not real. In the real world, women come in all different shapes and sizes, each just as perfect as the next—so shake what your momma gave ya, no matter how big or small it may be.

Along with her before and after photoshop photos, Renee included this heartfelt Facebook message:


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