Adrienne Bailon Opens Up About Her Careless Boob Job And Body Insecurities



Remember Adrienne Bailon? She was a Disney star, one of the Cheetah Girls, and the one dating Rob Kardashian when the Kardashians still lived an almost normal life in their one-story Calabasas home.

Adrienne has not been in the public eye too much lately, but she does have an upcoming appearance on the show “My Crazy Love,” a reality show that features celebs and everyday people confessing shocking stories about what they have done for love. Perhaps admitting her love secrets on camera got Adrienne feeling more open, but she recently revealed to the public that she is embarrassed about a boob job gone badly.

Adrienne before and after getting breast implants:

Adrienne told In Touch magazine that when she was a little younger she underwent a “careless” boob job that left her with a chest too large for her liking. That was back when she was 19-years old, and she confesses, “I wanted bigger breasts like everybody else.”

She may have dreamed of bigger breasts but she didn’t want ginormous breasts, which is exactly what she got. After showing her plastic surgeon a picture of the perfect rack, she felt confident that they were in understanding and on the same page. She really only wanted to go up one-cup size from a B to a C.

But when Adrienne’s bandages came off and her breasts began to heal, she knew they were way too big. Instead of the C-cup she coveted, she was packing a set of double-Ds.

Prior to getting breast implants, Adrienne battled with insecurities about her breasts being too small. After the surgery she suddenly had a new insecurity, her breasts were “porn-star” large. Everywhere she went she felt insecure about people pinpointing her breasts as fake.

Finally, enough was enough. Adrienne has now publicly decided to have her implants removed, and she plans to return to her natural look. That doesn’t mean surgery is off the table from here on out, she also candidly told the press, “I had a lift. I might lift them again after I have kids and breast feed.” So it’s not surgery itself that scares off Adrienne, but instead the idea of looking cosmetically altered.



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  • avatar Bill says:

    Too large? LOL, she’s in Hollywood so I guess she’s starting to believe all the Hollywood crap. So sad – think for yourself, girl, like you used to.

  • avatar musiccccccccc says:

    Adrienne is a co-host of the daytime talk show The Real, so she’s seen everyday, to address this article saying she hasn’t been seen in the spotlight lately. She also has a show on Oxygen that she hosts.

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