Jessica Biel’s Weight Gain Has Sparked A Baby Buzz: Is Jessica Sporting a Baby Bump?!


Is Jessica Biel, 32, sporting a baby bump, or do we have to wait even longer to catch a glimpse of the incredible looking child her and husband Justin Timberlake, 33, are capable of creating? According to a source close to the couple, they have been trying to conceive for the last few months, even planning their date nights around Jessica’s cycle to help improve their chances.

Jessica Biel sporting a fuller figure on the beach in Hawaii recently:

After being married for 2 years it’s about time the couple started a family, although the two of them are incredibly busy, especially with Justin on a world tour and all. Some reports have mentioned a constant debate about if they should or should not add a baby to their already hectic life. Although sources close to the couple say Justin may be more ready than Jessica to ring in a little one.

Back in May of this year Justin Timberlake’s Grandma, Sadie even told the press that Justin is ready to have a baby, “They’re both very busy, and having a baby will just have to come when the good Lord says it should.” Then again, anyone with a Grandma knows how pushy they can get about grandkids, so who knows what Justin has told his Granny to keep her at bay.

Exclusive...Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel Support Each Other! 6/8

Turns out the couple might be having some issues conceiving a child. Reports are now buzzing that they are visiting a fertility doctor in order to speed up the process. The same source that dished details to US magazine also said, “…She told Justin she’s going to see a fertility expert. She has no problem using technology, if that’s what it will take to have a baby and stick this marriage out.”

Perhaps the concerning thing is that the source chose the phrase, “..stick this marriage out.” Does that signal the couple is experiencing trouble in paradise? It wouldn’t be the first time the seemingly loving pair tried to hide boiling issues beneath the surface… cough, cough, Scarlett Johansson.

At the end of last month Jessica jetted off to Sydney, Australia in order to support and watch her husband’s 20/20 Experience World Tour. Yet before she made it to be by her husband’s side, she was busy soaking up the sun in Hawaii, enjoying a mini vacation.

Jessica then and now:
jessica biel baby bump weight gain

Jessica is known for her banging body, but is that a slight baby bump, an awkward photo angle, or just a bit of weight gain? Who knows perhaps she traveled to Australia after these photos were taken to share with Justin the news of a pregnancy. We will have to wait a few more months for any sort of confirmation on that one though…

What do you think? Will the world ever get to meet baby Biel-Timberlake?!



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