Is Megan Fox Back On The Botox?


Back when Megan Fox originally hit the scene she was the fresh-faced beauty no one could stop talking about, even comparing her to the likes of untouchable Angelina Jolie. To this day Megan Fox is still incredibly sexy, but she doesn’t look as natural as she once did. In fact, she looks more cosmetically altered this month than she did last month.


Right: Megan Fox looking more natural while promoting her latest film in America  Left: Megan one month later and a little less natural looking, promoting her movie in Germany

A few weeks ago Megan was in Berlin, Germany celebrating the release of her latest major motion film, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. As she went about Europe doing talk show plugs and attending red carpet events for the film, fans were not going on and on about her beauty, as per usual. Instead, fans were more concerned about the tight appearance her face possessed. One fan tweeted: ‘Megan Fox was the epitome of beauty for me. Until Botox came into play.”

Just 2 months ago, in August, Fox was doing the same promotional tour for the film in America. During which time her face looked entirely different, more youthful and natural. While in Germany Fox’s skin appears so tight it makes her look older than her actual 28-years.


Left: Megan in 2007, Right: Megan at an event last year

This isn’t the first time rumors about Botox have surrounded Megan Fox, back in 2011 she faced the same accusations. But at that time she took to Facebook to defend her face in a post titled ‘Things You can’t Do With Your Face When You Have Botox.’


A couple of weeks ago in Berlin, Megan cuddled up to her Teenage Mutant co-star Will Arnett for the camera, wearing an adorable blue 2-piece Marc Jacobs ensemble that showed off only a hint of her flat belly. Looking like she was having the time of her life, I wonder if she thought for a moment Botox rumors would kick up again.


Megan may not be a very big social media user, but she did take to Facebook to dispel these same rumors in 2011, we are just waiting for her to do the same now. Seriously though, she may not be able to…

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