Has Gwen Stefani’s Good Plastic Surgery Taken a Turn for the Worse?


Gwen Stafani’s usually perfect appearance seemed a bit off at the MTV Video Music Awards this year. Of course she still looked 100% gorgeous, but you can’t deny the fact Gwen isn’t able to fully open one of her eyes, especially when she went up on stage to present the award for best female video with Snoop Dog.


Gwen isn’t the only one, a similar thing has happened to other Hollywood starlets after a certain cosmetic procedure. Take Nicole Kidman for instance, another bombshell that has stayed flawless over the years, thanks to good genes and the best cosmetic surgeons. Perhaps the two blondes share the same doctor, one that likes to inject a little too much Botox, considering Nicole has also recently struggled with keeping the very same eye fully open.


I’m 26-years old so Gwen has been a staple celebrity in my life since I was a prepubescent teen, and somehow throughout the years she has managed to stay timeless. I swear the No Doubt Diva doesn’t have much of a wrinkle or imperfection on her face. Unless she’s a white-haired witch she has had some incredible plastic surgeons throughout the years helping her maintain her youthful appearance.

Yet just like every other celebrity, there comes a time when plastic surgery starts to become apparent. After achieving a number one pop-rock band, a pricey fashion line, dozens of solo hits, 3 gorgeous children and a successful marriage, it’s about time some of Gwen’s smile lines start to show! But just like everyone else in the world of bright lights and Grammy awards, Gwen doesn’t want to let her age show.

Gwen’s 44-year old wrinkle-free face in 2013:
gwen stefani botox no wrinkles 2013

Gwen has never been a big talker, most things we know about her come from the lyrics in her songs. She has admitted to insecurities, relationship troubles, and everything else REAL humans deal with, quite frankly because Gwen is a real human. Therefore the 45-year-old is naturally showing signs of aging, such as the lines around her eyes.

But with over $80 million dollars estimated net worth, she also has the means to cover up what she wants. Hence how that squinty eye may have come to haunt the “Hey Baby” artist.

A look at Gwen over the years, from the nineties, to 2011, all the way to 2014:

But with so much money and access to the best of the best procedures, why are we seeing gorgeous celebrities unable to fully open one of their eyes? This might have something to do with Botox injections, particularly too much Botox.

It’s not that common to get Botox and end up with a droopy eye but considering the mass amount of syringes used to fill the faces of Hollywood’s leading ladies (and men), it’s no surprise that it does happen. Once the Botox wears off a little, within the next few months or so, Gwen’s eye should return to normal.


Do you think Botox is to blame for Gwen’s wonky eye? Or should we instead blame the blinding bright lights at the VMA’s?

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