Kris Jenner Thinks Gordan Ramsey Is Too Wrinkly To Endorse Her Cookbook


You would think that Kris Jenner would be pretty pleased to have a world-renowned celebrity chef give her and her new cookbook a “shoutout” on Instagram, but no, that’s just not good enough for her. Apparently Kris will only be seen with Gordan Ramsey if his wrinkles are smoothed to perfection with the help of Photoshop…

The photo Gordan Ramsey posted to Instagram, on the left, and the photoshopped version that Kris Jenner posted:
kris jenner gordan ramsey instagram photoshop

A week ago, Gordan Ramsey posted a picture on his Instagram page of himself, alongside Kris Jenner holding her new cookbook, with the caption: “Great seeing you tonight @krisjenner, can’t wait read the cookbook! Gx“. Yesterday, Kris posted a similar picture to her Instagram page, but Kris’s version is clearly photoshopped. Not only did Kris use a photo editing app to smooth the wrinkles on her face and hands, but she went so far as to do the same to Gordan Ramsey’s face. Gordan’s face is so heavily Photoshopped, in Kris’s version, that half of his mouth has been practically blurred out!

Sorry Gordan…Looks like you are just not good enough for Kris Jenner!


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