Kris Jenner Wants To Turn Selena Gomez into a Kardashian – Should Selena Fans Be Worried?


Being a fan of Selena Gomez is easy, she’s gorgeous, seemingly sweet, plus she can act and sing really well. Still, after the ongoing antics with Justin Bieber some fans have jumped off the Selena bandwagon. But has she really turned to Kris Jenner to keep her career on the uphill?

The forging of a new partnership? Kris Jenner and Selena Gomez snap a selfie together

Earlier this year, Selena kicked her own mother to the curb, firing her from the position of manager. And while her official manager is Aleen Keshishian of Brillstein Entertainment Partners, some rumors suggest that Kris Jenner is stepping in as the new momager.

Rumors say that Kris has been telling Selena that she needs to shape up and obtain a nice firm six-pack. She has even gone as far as to sign her up for Barry’s Bootcamp—a program big-booty Kim does regularly. She has also reportedly been throwing out tips about plastic surgery, hair color, and fashion. Causing some of Selena’s truest fans to shout, “SAY IT AINT SO!”

Selena and Kris have been spotted out and about together more than a few times

While Selena and Kris are apparently close and Kris may be giving the Disney doll some tips, she is not Selena’s official manager by any means.  Manager or not, Selena’s loyal fans are wondering just how much influence the Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s tiger mom has on her.

For starters, perhaps Selena’s newfound friendship with Kris has something to do with the fact Justin Bieber and Kendall Kardashian have been spotted hanging out multiple times over the years. Maybe she’s making such close ties with Mama Kardashian in order to interfere with Justin’s questionable relationship with her daughter. After all, let’s admit it, girls (and guys) will go to all types of measures when obsessing over an on and off again ex.


The Kardashian’s might be incredibly famous but Selena almost seems “too good” for them—you know what I mean? She rightfully earned her fame with talent and hard work, not sex tapes and a reality show similar to a train-wreck, so wild you can’t look away. Yet, no one doubts the Kardashian’s taste in style, or ability to stay on the cover of every magazine year after year.

But gorgeous Selena really doesn’t need any of their tips, she does a great job all on her own. Regardless, we can only hope that Kris Jenner doesn’t convince Selena to get loads of butt implants, early Botox, and film a sex tape with Biebs, I can just hear it now, “But it worked wonders for my daughters!”

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