Will Justin Jedlica The Human Ken Doll Risk Going Blind For His Next Surgery?


At 34-years old Justin Jedlica has already undergone over 120 cosmetic surgeries; as a result he literally looks like a human Ken doll. His house actually looks like the sort of place you’d except to find Barbie and Ken hanging out as well, but Mr. Jedlica doesn’t consider himself perfectly plastic just yet.


On the Botched reunion show, Justin admits he already has another surgery he’d like to undergo. Apparently the veins on his forehead, which he refers to as “Julia Roberts veins” are causing him a lot of angst and he’d like to have them removed.

When Justin Jedlica first appeared on Botched, Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif both agreed they were interested in him as a person, but not on operating on him. When the doctors made a house call to his LA mini-mansion they were greeted by a male butler wearing nothing but panties, and it only got stranger from there. After Justin showed off his self-created implants, he asked the doctors to grant him lat, ab, and calf implants.


Maybe it had something to do with Justin referring to the docs as “glorified tailors” but they politely declined, warning Justin that he’s incredibly lucky nothing has gone terribly wrong so far with so many surgeries under his cosmetically altered belt. And perhaps now was the time to slow it down, while he was still ahead.

Not so fast says Justin, who feels his luck is not about to run out. After all, his homemade implants are already inserted throughout his body. Justin’s arms, legs, face, chest, almost every part of him has some sort of implant or alteration. And he’s not done yet!

On the Botched reunion show, scheduled to air this week, the world renowned doctors warn Justin once again about his most recent pursuit of perfection, tampering with the veins in his forehead. Dr. Dubrow explains how these veins are directly connected to the eyes and “if a blood clot forms in those you could go blind. That’s a real risk.”

Apparently Justin firmly believes in the motto: no pain, no gain. 


Perhaps losing his eyesight would be the best thing for him, at least than he couldn’t pick himself apart all day! Although this would leave him jobless, he currently spends his days consulting individuals on the best plastic surgery options for them.

Some might argue Justin is removing the wrong type of vein, and instead needs to rethink his vain personality. But each to his or her own, Justin is a unique person on a unique mission.


Judging by the concern in the Botched doctors’ comments, it’s clear that neither Dr. Dubrow nor Dr. Nassif will be the ones performing Justin’s vein-removal surgery. I’m sure Justin can find someone else hungry for money and willing to give his latest plastic surgery ideas a go. And if no doctor is willing to perform the risky surgery, chances are the human Ken-doll may simply take matters into his own hands—and that’s hardly a joke.


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