Amanda Bynes Is Out Of The Mental Hospital And Back to Her Old Ways


After a year of being under a conservatorship by her parents Amanda Bynes is back on the streets, off her meds and back to her old tricks of DUI’s, bad weaves, plastic surgery and twitter rage.

Amanda Bynes out and about in NYC:
amanda bynes bandage face plastic surgery 2014

When the conservatorship ended, a little over a month ago, Amanda left her parents house, stopped taking her medication and has managed to get: arrested for DUI, accused of shoplifting, kicked out of school and thrown back into a mental facility. Now, she’s out of the hospital and back on the streets acting bizarre, talking to inanimate objects, obsessing about her looks, talking about her numerous plastic surgery procedures (that she’s had, wants and needs) and judging other celebrities on her scale of ugliness. In her most recent Tweet, Amanda sets her sights on Zac Efron. According to Amanda. Zac makes her “not ugly” list:

Amanda’s parents headed back to court last week to obtain another conservatorship, which sent Amanda off the rails and back to Twitter to accuse her father of sexual abuse, again.

On Friday, Amanda met with a judge to try to convince him that she was under control, but not before stopping off at a restaurant for lunch where the waitress described her as “chatty” and openly “talking about her plastic surgery”. Although the waitress did have to step out of the way several times to make room for Amanda’s imaginary friend…

Amanda has been spotted with several bandages on her face over the last month, so who knows if her latest plastic surgery is all in her head, or if she has really found a plastic surgeon to operate on her, but most recently she claims to have had a procedure done to remove “micro cysts” under her eyes.

Amanda arrived to LAX last week, hiding another bandage under her sunglasses:amanda bynes 2014 bandage plastic surgery

Currently, Amanda has not been able to convince the judge that she is well enough to make her own decisions and a new conservatorship is in the works. Hopefully her parents will be able to get her under control again, but it seems like just a matter of time before she reverts to her old ways of bad wigs, plastic surgery and TMI Twitter posts.

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  • avatar None of your business says:

    I feel bad for her, actually. I wouldn’t say it’s impossible that she’s suffered some kind of sexual abuse and has had no way to deal with it properly, despite having more options available than most regular people.

    What’s more, people just automatically assume all celebrities are mentally well-adjusted. There are plenty of them that do have, and struggle with, mental illness. In Amanda’s case, it could be either one or both.

  • avatar sugar says:

    who is this, like dirty little ho?

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