Chris Brown Thinks Tamar Braxton Looks Like a Muppet ~ And He’s Kinda Right!?


Chris Brown threw a hissy fit online yesterday after Tamar Braxton and Adrienne Bailon insulted his relationship with Karrueche Tran. Tamar and Adrienne, who co-host “The Real”, insinuated that Chris Brown’s girlfriend simply puts up with him because she and her friends love the fame and, clearly, their statements hit a nerve with hot-headed Chris, who unleashed on them via his Instagram account.

The hosts of “The Real”, Tamar and Adrienne, are on the receiving end of Chris Brown’s latest rage:
Tamar and Adrienne The Real

Chris started in on Adrienne Bailon, calling her a “trout mouth ass bitch“, claiming that she was a hoe and that “Last time u was important n****s was riding spinners and wearing 6x tall Ts“. (For the record, Chris Brown is only 6 years younger than Adrienne Bailon.)

Chris then turned his anger to Tamar Braxton calling her “the ugly sister“, a “muppet face ass” and calling her out for having bad plastic surgery. Or as Chris so eloquently put it, “Dat plastic surgery f***ed yo face up“.

And while we personally find Chris Brown to be an immature douchebag, welllllll, he’s kinda right about Tamar Braxton looking like a muppet after all of that plastic surgery…

Tamara Braxton in all of her plastic surgery glory:
tamar braxton plastic surgery

Tamar Braxton is the younger sister of singer Toni Braxton, and like her sister, 37-year old Tamara appears to have had a bit of plastic surgery over the past few years. The unfortunate result, as Chris Brown said, is that she is looking a tad on the Muppet-y side!

Tamar Braxton before and after going under the knife:
tamar braxton cosmetic surgery before and after

Like her sister Toni, Tamar appears to have had a nose job, which really isn’t so bad, but paired with those crazy looking cheek implants and whatever she had done that has left her with a permanently surprised look on her face (brow lift and/or loads of Botox), is just too much.

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  • avatar Linda says:

    Muppet is the perfect description, she barely looks human!

  • avatar Cheryl says:

    Well I like Tamar, but Chris’ observations are correct…she did mess up her face with all that Plastic surgery that she didn’t even need, but her vanity got the best of her and look how that turned out. Lesson learned….if it ain’t broke, don’t TRY to fix it..she was cute before all the surgery, she looked more like her big sister Toni before the surgery, Toniis beautiful.

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