Would You Ever Gain 100lbs Just To See What Being Fat Feels Like? This Personal Trainer Did!


Paul PJ James is a sexy, ripped personal trainer that went from fit to fat, to fit again! In an attempt to better understand what his overweight clients were going through, the trainer decided to add 100 pounds to his lean and trim 176-lb frame. Instead of bench pressing and practicing endless lunges, the handsome hunk sat back and enjoyed carton after carton of ice cream. He didn’t stop eating until he couldn’t buckle a size-48 belt, and his health began to suffer.

Paul before and after his intentional weight gain:

James is not only a personal trainer, his incredible body has also earned him the opportunity to model some of the world’s most fashionable underwear, such as Calvin Klein, Dolce and Gabbana, Versace and more. Even with perfect pecks and well-defined arms James encountered some difficulties in his occupation. He was struggling to motivate his overweight clients that complained of achy knees, and other excuses why they couldn’t complete certain exercises.

As a man that lived on lean protein, vegetables and squats James felt disconnected with his heavier clients struggling with overeating disorders and a lifetime of body insecurities. James wanted to relate to his clients and offer them better advice than, “Eat more vegetables.” To which many replied, “You are an underwear model, you don’t get it!”

As a compassionate guy James knew he didn’t get it, but he sure wanted to. Otherwise, taking on clients that really needed help getting into shape didn’t feel right anymore. And what’s the point of being a personal trainer when you can’t help the people that need it most?

And so came the decision to add 50% of his body weight and then lose it in only 1-year. His first binge night fell on New Years Eve. As James rang in 2009 he devoured 4 lamb gyros, a plate full of BBQ, salad, bread with fattening dips, fried fish, and 8 cans of Cola to wash it all down. Not only is James a model and trainer, but he is also a trained chef used to eating the healthiest foods. His ultra-fit body was quick to react, packing on 12-pounds in only one night!


For the next few months James continued indulging in all of the foods usually reserved for his Sunday cheat days, mac and cheese, KFC, ramen noodles, fudge pizzas, you name it and James ate it!

He also dedicated himself to the couch instead of lifting weights, swimming in the ocean, or playing a round of golf. At first, the 33-year old Australian was in “heaven,” but as he saw his years of hard-chiseled work morphing into fat he started to feel less enthusiastic about watching marathon TV shows with a bucket of caramel ice cream.

Once he reached his goal weight, his doctors became concerned about his rising cholesterol, blood sugar, and liver enzyme levels. Not to mention the stretch marks ripping across his chest and his increasing depression. And so at last it was time to ditch the couch and the potato chips and shed the pounds, getting back to being the real James. After working his buns—and belly—off James was able to achieve the rock hard body he possessed before, as well as a whole new outlook on life and weight loss.

His clients appreciated the efforts he was willing to go through just to walk in their shoes. His dedication helped them make sacrifices of their own, shedding off excess weight and eating healthier in ways they never even imagined.


In the end James was able to prove that no matter what size you are you can achieve a perfectly fit body with the right exercises, tools, and dedication. Anyone else feeling motivated to hit the gym?!

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