Beyonce’s Mid-Life Crisis Is Not Going Well…


Although she is only 33-years old, it seems that Beyonce Knowles is having a bit of a mid-life crisis. And, judging by the latest plastic surgery she had on her face, this may not turn out very well…

Beyonce before and after plastic surgery:
beyonce lip injections plastic surgery 2014

Beyonce arrived at the Topshop flagship store opening dinner in NYC, with a whole new set of lips, and now she is nearly unrecognizable! After getting lip injections to plump her pout, and Botox to turn back the hands of time, Beyonce is looking more like a cross between Naomi Campbell and Eva Mendez, and is slowly becoming just another Hollywood pop out.

In addition to the latest overzealous round of plastic surgery, Beyonce (or her management team) has also been Photoshopping the photos that she posts to her social media pages, and many fans are calling bullshit on her over accentuated thigh-gap.

Beyonce’s bangin’ body bends the time space continuum…Or someone’s been Photoshopping her pictures!beyonce thigh gap photoshop

Following her Superbowl performance last year, unflattering pictures of Beyonce hit the internet, after she was caught on camera making “ugly” faces while she performed and danced her ass off. To make matters worse, her publicist requested that the pictures be removed, which only caused more publicity behind the photos and they spread like wildfire.

Beyonce performing at the Superbowl in 2013:
beyonce superbowl ugly faces

Clearly, Beyonce didn’t like the way she looked in the photos, so you have to wonder if the Superbowl pictures were the driving force behind her having a bit of plastic surgery? She has certainly had Botox and filler injections since then, so it sure is possible!

Hopefully Beyonce lays off the plastic surgery, because the natural beauty definitely does not need it. But, in the world of Hollywood, you’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t, when it comes to plastic surgery!

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  • avatar Umm... says:


    So what’s the current life expectancy for super-rich, well-fed pop stars these days?

    • avatar goldengirls33 says:

      Thats just the term for it, and besides research has shown “mid life” crisis is happening sooner for people these days, they start to feel insecure, they compare themselves to younger, better looking and more succesful people, they start getting plastic surgery, buying new sports cars they dont need and dressing inappropiately (sp?) Younger for their age, also they starr to behave “younger” whixh can sometimes come off as desperate and sad, thats what a mid life crisis is, usually in the past psychologists said it happened to some people around age 50 but now it just depends on the person, especially now because everyone is so look-conscious, wealth-conscious and social media exists so everyone is constantly comparing themselves someone who is richer, younger, more successful and better looking than them (especially females) its just the world we live in now.

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