This Woman Whittled Her Waist to Only 16-inches After 7 Years of Waist Training


Kelly Lee Dekay is a 27-year old New Yorker with a unique set of aspirations. She wants to be just like Jessica Rabbit. That requires a busty chest, curvaceous hips, and a super slim waist. The fetish model won’t settle for your average small waist, instead she has trained her waist to be a teeny-tiny 16-inches. Even super skinny models with no butt, hips, or breasts measure closer to 24-inches around their waist, so while Dekay’s waist looks even smaller because of her large hips and breasts, it really truly is impossibly thin.


7-years ago Dekay began ‘waist-training’ in order to acquire her out of this world dimensions. So how does she waist-train exactly? Dekay wears ultra tight corsets day after day to keep her waist looking super thin. She is amazed that simple fabric can alter the human body in such a way.

Dekay seeks inspiration from comic book characters, but she realizes that her own waist can never be as small as theirs, because otherwise she would physically break. In an interview the fashion loving fetish model admits, “I’ve always loved how certain pieces of garments gave you permission to let out certain parts of you. So I think that’s what tight lacing does for me, I wanted to become my own super hero villain.”


Although it seems easy enough to wear a corset, it isn’t all fun and games. The corset is incredibly tight and can be painful, it also prevents Dekay from carrying too much weight or else she risks injury. While Dekay has worn her corset while hiking and playing a game of softball, she usually leaves her corset at home when she plans to be more active. In fact, Dekay weight trains in order to keep up with her physical appearance as well, a sport she can definitely not participate in while wearing her corset.


Dekay gets mixed reactions from her appearance, but she doesn’t plan on ditching the corset for good any time soon. Dekay does it for herself and loves the way she looks. She says, “Some people really love it, some people really hate it, but I always did it for myself…I love modifying and its often mistaken that modification is being a means of not loving yourself but I modify because I can, because it’s fun.”


I’m just wondering if she stopped regularly wearing a corset, would her waist ever return to a more natural size?



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