Reality Show The Swan Ruined Contestant’s Life, 10 Years Later She’s Speaking Out


Let’s create a show where women who are judged as “ugly” are given “extreme makeovers” and then compete in a beauty pageant to show off their new appearances. The actual pitch for this show sounds ludicrous, but Fox took it and ran with it, airing this exact show premise and calling it “The Swan” back in 2004.


For 2 ½ months the contestants on the show were put through grueling physical transformations in order to look like the stereotypical version of “beautiful.” Needless to say, the show received a lot of heat, but some 10 years later Fox has decided to bring it back with a 2-hour special and celebrity appearances. But according to one former Swan contestant this is anything but a good idea.

If you watched the show back in the day, you may remember Lorrie Arias from season 2. Lorrie underwent more plastic surgery than anyone else featured on the same season. She underwent a nose job, tummy tuck, liposuction on her knees, a face lift, brow lift, breast implants, AND fat transferred to lift her upper lip. Even after all of this work, Arias did not compete in the final segment of the show, which includes a beauty pageant.

Pictured Above: Lorrie Arias before and after her Swan makeover. 

10-years after the show has faded from local broadcastings, Arias decided to speak out. In an interview with the New York Post she admits that she underwent all of these surgeries for nothing. Going as far as to call herself “a 300-pound mess of a person who is afraid to go outside.”

Lorrie-AriasPictured Above: Arias in a recent photo from 2014. 

Arias says that all of the physical transformations the show puts women through take a heavy toll on the human psyche, and Fox was not prepared to handle any of that. In fact, they only offered four 15-minute sessions with a therapist throughout the 2-½ months of filming. When Arias returned home she was unable to afford any extra therapy on her own, and has since emotionally spiraled out of control. Arias told RadarOnline that it wasn’t the surgery itself that caused her so much grief, but the lack of counseling available to deal with the changes.

Here are some other transformations from the show:



Now that the reality show is trying to make a comeback, Arias admits she is worried about some of the future celebrity contestants that are supposed to make an appearance. Among the rumored celebrities to appear on The Swan’s latest episodes are Monica Lewinsky and Erin Moran. Arias believes Lewinsky will be just fine because, “She has self-esteem. She worked at the White House. You have to have some kind of self-esteem for that. Before the show she’s fine…and afterwards she’ll be even better.”

She is worried about Erin Moran though, former actress from Happy Days, because she is currently homeless and broke, and will need therapy after the show. Although Arias knows that just like her, Moran won’t be getting it from Fox!

Pictured Below: Erin Moran out for a walk in the Berkshire Pointe Mobile Home Park, New Salisbury, Indiana. 

What do you think? Should Erin Moran, or anybody, be featured on a show like The Swan?

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