Mary-Kate Olsen No Longer Looks Like Her Twin~Is Pregnancy Or Plastic Surgery to Blame?


At the 2014 World Of Children’s Awards In New York City, Mary-Kate Olsen once again sparked rumors and concern. Contrary to popular belief, the Olsen sisters are fraternal twins, not identical. While they might not technically be identical, they have always been difficult to tell apart, that is until a recent event in New York.

Above: At a recent event the twins appear obviously different in appearance. 

Back in 2004, Mary-Kate’s health declined due to anorexia, and the two suddenly became very easy to tell apart. Yet, after attending rehab and getting her health back on track, Mary-Kate and sister Ashley Olsen could once again pass for identical twins.

Then, just a few weeks ago, the two sisters were seen looking vastly different.


Photographs of the pair at the World Of Children’s Awards sparked fans to start tweeting about the apparent changes to Mary-Kate Olsen’s face.

I grew up watching Mary-Kate and Ashley on TV, everything from Full House to DVDs like Double Double Toil and Trouble, To Grandmother’s House We Go, and perhaps my favorite, The Adventures of Mary Kate & Ashley. As I got a bit older the twins still provided entertainment, remember their TV show Two of a Kind? Long since their acting days the pair remains famous, now more for fashion than TV sitcoms and movies.

Above: Towards the end of their acting career the two are nearly identical (2002). 

With the spotlight comes constant scrutiny, and when the twins don’t look exactly the same people start to talk.


While clearly something looks different about Mary-Kate’s face it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what. The experts are saying it is her jawline and cheekbones that look more defined.

Others speculate that 28-year old Mary-Kate may actually be pregnant since pregnancy can cause weight and facial changes due to a fluctuation in hormones. Mary-Kate is engaged, and possible even married, to 44-year old French banker Olivier Sarkozy, so pregnancy isn’t necessarily far fetched. Although in my opinion, she doesn’t look like she has gained weight, nor does she have that pregnant glow. Plus, doctors that have been asked to weigh in on the debate tend to put the blame on plastic surgery as opposed to pregnancy.

Above: Mary-Kate pictured at left in 2014, and Mary-Kate pictured at right back in 2012. 

Dr. David Cangello from JUVA Skin and Plastic Surgery believes fillers are responsible for Mary-Kate’s new look. He says that fillers were likely injected into her cheekbone and used to straighten her nose bridge.

It appears Mary-Kate could really care less what people have to say. After the New York event that sparked all of these rumors, she was spotted with her boyfriend at the Knicks vs. Orlando Magic game, courtside of course.

Perhaps Mary-Kate is pregnant, or instead has been influenced by her much older fiancé to start getting fillers early. What do you think?

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