Texas Woman Undergoes Life-Changing Breast Reduction ~ But Her Breasts May Grow Back!



Have you ever wished for bigger breasts? Just like they say, be careful what you wish for because there is always the possibility for too much of a good thing. Just ask Kerisha Mark, a woman from Texas that had some of the largest natural breasts on the planet. Mark developed a very large bust, one that continued to get larger and larger over the years, reaching a 36N cup size.

Unfortunately for Kerisha, her breasts were a true pain in the back and her ginormous breasts caused pain just about everywhere. In an interview with PEOPLE Mark revealed, “Before I got a breast reduction, I would be in a lot of pain – lower back pain, upper back pain, neck pain. It was debilitating.”


Large breasts also come with a lot of attention, something else that Mark couldn’t stand. She was constantly ridiculed and stared at, and there was nothing she could really do to conceal her chest, “…they pretty much just stuck out from the rest of my body.”

Mark suffers from gigantomastia, which might sound like something out of a spoof horror film but it’s a real, although rare, hormonal condition that can develop in girls as young as 14. Those with gigantomastia suffer from excessive breast growth, hence how Mark’s chest ballooned to an N cup, and continues to grow, even after having breast reduction surgery!

When Mark discovered a lump beneath her underarm she decided to have it checked out, fearful of cancer. Thankfully, the lump was non-cancerous, and was instead more breast tissue that simply had nowhere else to go. This was a breaking point for Mark, who decided enough was enough, and it was time to undergo a breast reduction.

Dr. Franklin Rose was the Houston-based plastic surgeon that completed Mark’s surgery. During surgery Dr. Rose removed an incredible 15-pounds from Mark’s breasts.


Now 15-pounds lighter, Mark is enjoying her 36DDD chest, although there are no guarantees her breasts will remain this size. Due to her gigantomastia more breast tissue may continue to grow, after all it wasn’t long before her surgery that breast tissue had continued to form, ending up beneath her arm since her breasts contained no more room.

It was only about 2-months ago that Mark’s surgery was completed, and she can’t wait to really start shopping for her refined figure. Friends and family still go crazy every time they see her, especially if they have not yet seen her post-surgery. She says, “When they see me for the first time, the reaction is always screaming and jumping up and down!”

I’m rooting for Mark and her ability to maintain a smaller chest size, no matter what it takes. According to her, life has improved so much in the short time since her breast reduction. Mark’s says, “My quality of life has improved drastically. I’m able to sleep better at night, and overall I’m just happier as a person. I don’t feel ostracized, or like people are constantly staring at me. I just feel normal.”



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