Does Anyone Want to See 56-Year Old Madonna Topless?


Well, Madonna is at it again…The over-the-hill pop star is once again getting naked for a provocative photoshoot, this time for Interview magazine.

Madonna gets naked for Interview Magazine:

Now don’t get us wrong, we love Madonna! But at 56-years old, we would like to see something new out of her. Getting naked and being “provocative” has been her go-to pony trick since she started posing nude in 1977, when she was just 18 years old. Plus, does anyone really want to see a 56-year old woman topless and trying really hard to be sexy? Granted, Madonna’s breasts aren’t 56-years old, thanks to a nicely done set of breast implants, but, nope…I’m still not into it.

Madonna then and now:
madonna before and after boob job breast implants

Madonna’s Interview cover, and nude photoshoot comes on the heels of the topless photoshoot that Keira Knightley just did for Interview Magazine as well. Ironically enough, Keira Knightley did her topless shoot to showcase what she looks like au natural, sans Photoshop and digital retouching. Madonna, on the other hand, has been obviously retouched, both digitally and by the hands of a plastic surgeon.

Madonna at age 26, left, and today at age 56:
madonna before and after plastic surgery

Madonna was interviewed by David Blane for the issue, where she talks about prostitution being the the most important profession in the world and recounting trying every drug out there.

Some are calling Madonna’s latest Interview Magazine spread “edgy”, but what do you think? I kind of think the Madonna topless thing has gotten a bit old (figurative and literally!)…

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  • avatar Jane says:

    Totally agree. I used to admire her success and her ability to reinvent herself in order to stay relevant. Now she just seems desperate. She probably needs to stay off of the Botox for a while also.

  • avatar sugar says:

    as for “now”pics,you need to pick ones unphotoshopped,please?

  • avatar *sigh* says:

    Doesn’t so much matter about the age; it’s pretty much tacky at any age, though you would think a “mature” woman would “know better.”

  • avatar Seer says:

    I think she has a need to create an image in order to keep making money – that’s also, in part, her ticket to fame. She wants to stay famous, so she does whatever she can to do it.

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