Miss Bumbum Brazil Contestant Thighs Exploded After Plastic Surgery Gone Bad


Have you ever thought to yourself, “Gee, I would love the thighs of a 250lb body builder, but without all of that bothersome and healthy working out…”? Well apparently, not only do woman in Brazil actually want this, but they are willing to risk death and debilitating side-effects by getting black market Hydrogel injections to pump up their legs.

Brazilian model, Andressa Urach, is the latest to be left fighting for her life after the massive amounts of Hydrogel that she paid to have injected into her thighs, began to spread throughout her body, causing serious health problems.

Andressa Urach and her thighs of steel Hydrogel:
andressa urach hydrogel injections thighs

Five years ago, at age 22, Urach underwent the procedure to inject 14 ounces of hydrogel, which is essentially a liquified plastic, into each of her thighs. Last month she entered the hospital, where doctors meticulously tried to remove the Hydrogel from her legs, but this procedure is nearly impossible, since the Hydrogel easily spreads throughout the body and attaches itself to fat, tendons and muscle. Not surprisingly, complications and infection set in and the 27-year old model is now in the Intensive Care Unit, fighting for her life.

Hydrogel is legal to use in Brazil, and is typically used to fill wrinkles and for other small applications on the face, but it is to be used in very small doses. The recommended dose of Hydrogel is 2ml, so the 400ml used to inflate Urach’s thighs, exceeds the recommended dose by 20,000%! Of course, in order to get the sort of result that Urach was looking for, would not be done by a licensed professional doctor, so she turned to the popular underground market to get what she wanted: Huge thighs that would almost win her a Miss Bumbum Brazil title! In 2012, Urach was the runner up in 2012 Miss Bumbum Brazil. Close to the $20,000 prize for the Miss Bumbum title, but even if she did win, the prize money wouldn’t even repay Urach for what she has spent on plastic surgery in order to become a Brazilian “model”.

Andressa Urach and her body of work:
andressa urach plastic surgery

Today, Urach began to breath again on her own, but she is still in critical condition and remains in the ICU. The condition of her “model perfect” body remains to be seen, but judging by the extent of the procedures she underwent to save her life, it’s not unlikely that she will be permanently disfigured. She’s truly lucky if she simply gets to keep all of her limbs. Amputation and even death is not uncommon for someone in her position. Worth it?

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  • avatar *sigh* says:

    These silly broads should stop entering competitions they’re not naturally qualified for, and stop augmenting their bodies to be noticed.

    But they won’t, even though it looks terrible.

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