Heidi Montag Still Suffers Ill Effects From Her Radical Plastic Surgery Makeover


Aside from the visible scars that she hates, the after effects of Heidi Montag’s countless plastic surgeries reach more than just skin deep. In a candid Interview with Extra, Heidi reveals what life is like today dealing with the painful side effects, such as TMJ disorder, related to spending $30,000+ changing her body and face 5-years ago.

When Heidi Montag first made an appearance on The Hills almost everyone thought Lauren Conrad’s bubbly, petit blonde best friend was downright adorable; everyone except for Heidi herself that is.


Above: Heidi pictured back in the day when The Hills first became a popular TV show, and the innocent blonde was free of any plastic surgery. 

As soon as Heidi skyrocketed to fame, and started receiving hefty-sized paychecks (she was reportedly being paid close to $100,000 per episode), she signed herself up for one plastic surgery after another.

In 2009 Heidi had 10 surgeries in one day, spending $30,000 on a second breast augmentation, liposuction, a second nose job, and having her ears pinned back. Instead of reality TV, Heidi became known as the Queen of Plastic Surgery, and not in a good way.

Based on appearances, the adorable blonde didn’t really need any work done at all. Not to mention, these days her and Spencer could really use the money she spent achieving an entirely altered look. In an interview with Extra, Heidi admits the reason she did this to herself. “I disliked myself so much. I literally chopped up my own body.”

Heidi Montag

At first it seemed like a good idea, and Heidi certainly got a lot of media attention for her surgeries—something her and Spencer were hell-set on collecting back when the couple made regular appearances on the cover of weekly magazines. But now that Heidi is living a quieter life out of the public spotlight she is stuck dealing with many negative drawbacks to her cosmetic alterations.


Above: Despite all of the drama, it appears Heidi and Spencer are still going strong and enjoying their life together, more now than back when they had wealth and fame.

Heidi says that all of the fame caused people to write, “the meanest and nastiest things” about her online. As a result she became highly insecure. Only now she says, “I wish I’d known what I was signing up for.” While Heidi is still a gorgeous girl, she will always be dealing with the repercussions related to her surgeries.

As a result she never wants to go under the knife again. Last year she did have to get a breast reduction. Heidi says, “My implants were falling through. They were three pounds each so I was really miserable. Obviously, I didn’t want to go back into surgery, but it was really necessary.”


Above: Left, Heidi showing off her massive breast implants poolside in Las Vegas. Right, a more recent photo of a happier looking Heidi after her breast reduction last year.

Her breasts were an easier fix than other alterations. Back in 2009, Heidi also had her chin reduced, but no one warned her just how bad the drawbacks from this surgery could be. Heidi now suffers from TMJ disorder, a condition that causes many chronic side effects including a lot of jaw pain. She says, “I was in so much pain, I actually thought I was going to die.”

Looking at old photos prior to any plastic surgery provokes a type of nostalgia that can get Pratt feeling down. “Sometimes it makes me a little sad because I see not only what I look like, but who I was.”

The experience has caused Heidi to reflect, learn, and grow. As a result she plans to age gracefully from here on out and never have any cosmetic alterations again. The real Heidi is still in there, and despite all of her plastic surgeries and related struggles, at least she still looks beautiful. Unfortunately, her reputation with the world still remains tarnished at best…




  • avatar fred cheese says:

    I know I’m being picky. But since this is ostensibly a professionally written web article and not some teenager’s blog,

    “and Heidi certainly got a lot of media attention for her surgeries—something her and Spencer were..”
    Her and?? try “she and Spencer…”

    “attention for her surgeries—something her and Spencer were hell-set on…”

    zomg, facepalm, etc.

  • avatar Juls says:

    Gone from F cup to D??? rediculous… with all those problems she had to make it B!

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