Donatella Versace Undergoes More Plastic Surgery and It Sure Is Not Helping


Donatella Versace is no stranger to plastic surgery. The 59-year old iconic fashion designer has undergone pretty much every procedure possible to enhance her looks and maintain her youth. Yet just last month while at Fashion Week Winter 2015 in Sao Paulo, Donatella looked different once again.

 Above: Donatella at November Fashion Week in Sao Paula shows off a more youthful look. 

Over the years Donatella’s face has been introduced to lasers, injections, and surgical knives, and it appears she has had some work done once again. At Fashion Week she was looking a bit more youthful, and I have to say it… a little less scary.

Above: Recent photos of Donatella looking less youthful prior to Fashion Week.

Hollywood Life spoke to several plastic surgeons about Donatella’s latest look. Dr. Steve Fallek dished that Donatella has, “Pretty much had it all. Botox, fillers, lasers for the skin. Minimal recovery time for those, though there can be some redness of the skin for a few weeks with laser therapy.” These are not the only procedures Dr. Fallek believes Donatella has undergone. He also thinks she has had a face, brow and eyelift.

Clearly this wouldn’t be Donatella’s first face lift. Dr. Fallek adds, “There are some risks with multiple face lifts but most involve skin loss. Anesthesia not so much a problem if she’s had success before.”

In 2000 Donatella looked much different than she does now. Of course, everyone naturally ages and as a result their appearance changes, but when you have piles of money to spend on endless plastic surgeries, appearances have a tendency to change even more than they would ordinarily.

Above: Left, Donatella in 2000. Right, Donatella in 2014. 

According to plastic surgeon Dr. David Rapaport, there have been major changes in Donatella’s face since 2002. As of now he believes, “…her face seems to have more artificially defined fullness where now her lips seem to be over inflated. Most recently, it seems very clear that she has a facelift scar that I can see in front of her temple area you can see a fine linear scar.”


Dr. Rapaport believes Donatella has never had her nose worked on; instead her main go-to surgery appears to be the face lift. As a result, Dr. Rapaport says her hairline has now been lifted too high above her ears.

Perhaps having too much money to play with at the surgeon’s office is not such a good thing. Then again, maybe some people prefer Donatella’s look to a more naturally aged face. What do you think?


  • avatar oldonna says:

    she’s fab and rich. she can do what she want

  • avatar Fabulosa says:

    She looked great in 2000 (which is quite some time ago) but my gosh, she also weighed much more than she does now. If she spent some money on healthy food, yoga, and filled in a little, she would look better. But how can anyone think she “doesn’t” look scarey right now??? She looks awful and she was probably really beautiful before. Why fix what isn’t broken? If she would have left well enough alone, she would probably look much better. Maybe her brother’s death had quite an impact on her. She is an extremely talented designer; she should just be happy with how she looks. She cannot hang onto youth forever…

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