Do You Believe Barry Manilow When He Says That He Has Never Had Plastic Surgery?


Barry Manilow has been releasing catchy hit songs since the seventies. Over the years he has also written a number of commercial jingles for big name brands such as, Band-aids, Dr. Pepper, McDonalds, and more. The successful singer, songwriter, and producer looks very good for his age, and according to him it has nothing to do with plastic surgery.


Despite his objections to plastic surgery rumors, the gossip continues to surround Manilow’s wrinkle-free face. Manilow finds it all rather annoying and has criticized rumors that he has had work done, saying that he is adamant about aging naturally.

Just last month Manilow was once again asked about his impossibly flawless face. In response he told UK talk show host Jonathan Ross, “It’s infuriating. This is me at 70. I swear. Really, this is what I look like. I don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.”


Manilow, who is actually 71, has been facing speculation related to plastic surgery for many years and he isn’t the only one. It’s practically a natural part of being a celebrity, to be accused at some point or other for going under the knife. Ageing celebrities, like Donatella Versace, and youthful younglings, like Kylie Jenner, have all been recent victims of the plastic surgery blame-game.

Despite all of the rumors and seemingly clear proof, many celebrities love to deny going under the knife. But is Manilow telling the truth? Is his flawless face just a product of great genes?

Many disagree. For one, it is often argued that Manilow’s cheeks are too puffy to be natural. Manilow, who seems to have a logical rebuttal for everything, says his plump cheeks are related to his steroid injections used to control chronic hip issues due to an injury back in 2006 when he tore the cartilage in both hips—ouch!   

Still, you can’t forget about those rumors back in 2003, sparked after Manilow was seen leaving a plastic surgeon’s office in Beverly Hills, California with surgical wrap secured beneath his chin. It was said that he underwent an upper and lower facelift at this time.


Looking at before and after photos of Manilow over the years it’s clear he may have had something done. And who in Hollywood hasn’t at least tried Botox injections? After all, the pressure to remain beautiful and youthful is incredibly strong and ever present among celebrities of all ages.

So the question remains, do you believe Manilow, or you do you think he’s definitely gone under the knife?


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  • avatar Cat says:

    Yes, I totally believe that Barry Manilow hasn’t had surgery. He has magically disappearing under-eye bags and a jaw that has changed shape with age – don’t all jaws do that? His puffy face is obviously the result of an allergy/medication and not injectables, also it is completely normal for earlobes to attach/detach themselves from the side of your face.

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