How Does Katie Price Deal With Major Life Events? By Getting A Boob Job Of Course! Seven And Counting…


Katie Price has given birth to 5 children, married 3 different men, and had a total of 7 boob jobs. Of all these things, perhaps she is most famous for her boobs and all of the work she’s had done to them. Katie Price changes her breasts at the same rate other people might change their favorite pair of shoes. The 36-year old recently underwent her seventh boob job, as always after she has a break up.

Katie Price shows off her large bust for one of the last times before undergoing her seventh boob job.

From a young age, Katie admits being obsessed with having large cleavage, even in one of her books she writes that in school she dreamed of having larger breasts. At only 20, Katie went under the knife for her first set of breast implants.

001CA66000000258-2865206-What_a_pair_During_the_early_noughties_Katie_was_a_regular_at_re-a-1_1418040397739Katie Price in 1998, showing off her new implants while working as a promo girl for Kellogg’s cereal.

Even with a new set of enhanced breasts, Katie’s insecurities continued as she embarked on her modeling career. “When I first started modeling, I felt quite self-conscious about their size. I thought that I looked flat chested and not as sexy as the other girls on the glamour circuit.”

Despite the suggestions of others, Katie went from a B to a C cup, causing her to lose her job at the Sun newspaper. Despite the disapproval of many, larger breasts actually helped fuel Katie’s career over the next year. Still, a C cup and a world of new opportunities were not enough to make Katie feel satisfied and so she went under the knife again to have her breasts enlarged to a 32D.

Katie’s breasts have changed many times over the years.

Katie has dated many men, and in 2000 she was dating Dane Bowers, who refused to let her get another breast job, threatening to break up with her if she did. And so while the two were an item Katie kept away from the operating table. But you guessed it, the moment the two broke up, Price’s breasts were re-opened for another operation, this time she decided to once again make her breasts larger.

Her breasts aren’t the only thing that’s changed through the years. Katie has admittedly gone under the knife excessively.

Katie enjoyed her ginormous breasts for a few years, until after she gave birth to her daughter, Princess, in 2007. She told the media, “I’d had three kids and anyone, even if you’ve got natural boobs, they drop.” And so Katie had her breasts reduced for the first time, but not last. During the same surgery, Katie also had her nose done.

Unsurprising to anyone that knows her, Katie wasn’t satisfied with her breast reduction from a 32G to a 32F; they didn’t turn out as small as she wished for. And so the same cycle flipped into motion, only opposite this time, with Katie thinking her breasts were not small enough. It was only 6-months after her first breast reduction that Katie went back for another, this time going down to a 32C.

While small breasts suited Katie for a while, in 2012 she was ready for bigger boobs again. For her sixth boob job it is rumored that Katie went back up to a 32F.

In 2012, Katie launched her new swimwear line while simultaneously showing off her sixth boob job.

Which leads us to the present day, when Price has split from yet another husband and opted for her seventh boob job.

Happier days, Kieran Hayler and Katie Price out and about in the city. 

It wasn’t too long ago Price discovered her husband, Kieran Hayler, was cheating on her, and not with some random girl, but with two of her close friends. She told Britain’s OK! Magazine, “I was grieving. It felt like there had been a death. Finding out Kieran was cheating was like a death and I’ve had to grieve, but you have to ride through it, deal with it and get through it. I’m through the pain now.”

To help her to get through the pain she has turned to her favorite form of therapy, getting a boob job.

This year Katie revealed she was going to have her breasts done for a seventh time. She considers her latest boob job a Christmas present to herself. This time she has decided to make her breasts smaller, after having more babies Katie complains her boobs needed to be reduced again.

Katie has yet to say if she plans to go under the knife again, but chances are she most definitely will!

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