Khloe Kardashian’s Sad and Desperate Plastic Surgery Transformation


I try to steer clear of the Kardashian’s as a whole, simply because I find them so classless and fake, but let’s talk about Khloe Kardashian and her recent plastic surgery transformation for a minute…

First, Khloe goes through an embarrassing divorce, where her husband was openly cheating on her, then she starts dating that douche bag French Montana, and now she is completely going overboard on plastic surgery.

Khloe Kardashian before and after plastic surgery on her face:
khloe kardashian plastic surgery 2015

A couple of days ago, Khloe was “caught” (by the paparazzi that her or her momager called) exiting a plastic surgery center in Hollywood, where she made a point of shielding her lips from the cameras.

Khloe leaving her plastic surgeons office:
khloe kardashian botox lip injections

Clearly Khloe was having her Botox and lip injections topped up for the holidays, and as ridiculously plump as her lips have gotten as of late, it’s not the most ridiculous plastic surgery she has had this year…Have you seen her stupid looking butt implants?!

Khloe Kardashian takes her huge butt implants for a stroll:
khloe kardashian butt implants huge

In case you forgot what Khloe looked like before her desperate plastic surgery transformation, here are some more pictures:

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  • avatar V. says:

    As much as I enjoy visiting your website. This is actually not true. She was living a skincare salon which is different, and she only uses a lip pencil to make her lips appear bigger just like Kylie’s. I’m a make-up artist so I know what I’m talking about, + you can tell it ain’t that big when they don’t pout on their selfies. In case you don’t trust me, go check some make-up tutorials on YouTube and you’ll see how make-up can be magical ๐Ÿ™‚

    • avatar Really? says:

      As a makeup artist wouldn’t you know that you can’t increase the thickness of the lips from the side (profile shot). Yes you can over draw and highlight lips but makeup can’t make them protrude. They have injections and over draw their lips. I am an actual makeup artist.

      • avatar V. says:

        Indeed, you can’t increase the thickness of the lips from the side by makeup, but here comes the lip plumper, just saying

        • avatar Lola says:

          Lip plumper?! Have you ever used those things? They dont do shit (not the suction thing or the “tingling” lipgloss) and would never give the volumous look that Kylie has. Im no makeup artist, but I do get restalyne lip injections among other things regularly and that is a look of lip fillers to me.

          There is no shame about plastic surgery, and the only thing not touched by a doctors scalpel in that family is their earlobes, and even that is debatable. Their dog has silicon balls FFS! LOL

          • It blows my mind that people believe the Kardashians when they shovel the “It’s just lip liner” bullshit. It’s like they know that fans of theirs are below average intelligence and they’re making fun of them. Lip injections aren’t that big of a deal (except when you end up looking like Kylie), so why they refuse to own it has to simply be for attention and headlines.

      • avatar babe says:

        As a makeup artist it’s insane for you to say those lips (Kim, Khole and Klyie) are real. None of the lip plumper will not transform lips like that.

  • avatar lmao says:

    Uuuum yes they all get plastic surgery and lip injections!! Btw, a lot of skin care places have nurses or dermatologists on site for Botox and fillers. I am a certified cosmetologist, former MAC Cosmetics artist/associate, and NO. over-lining your lips will not make that much of a difference, EVER. If you look at the first picture of her without the injections, her lips are over-lined in that pic as well. I also worked at a salon/medi-spa for a while, where you can get a haircut, a massage, laser treatments, and even Botox and fillers. I’ve seen many a before and after. They all get their lips done. With maybe the exception of Kendall and Kourtney.

  • avatar nina says:

    She went over-board with her butt injections. The funny thing she denies having anything done. Does this fool not know there are before pictures of her on the internet. She is so desperate and pathetic, she has a complex and borderline on body dysmorphia.

  • avatar Toni says:

    Call me shallow but her lips look good

  • avatar amber says:

    Kylie jus admitted that she get temporary lip injections on “kuwtk” even though she really didn’t want to. Funny thing is Kim and khloe were telling her to keep it real!! Now that’s hilarious… And BTW khloe and Kim both have work done on there butts we all know the truth!!

  • avatar pj says:

    I don’t see what the big deal is they wanted it, they got out hell don’t be embarrassed especially if u like the it looks and if it makes you feel good duh ppl r judgemental who gives a damn what other ppl think it’s your life they dont pay your bills! However remember u were beautiful natural too lmao

  • avatar meggan says:

    That V chick is retarded.. how can you not tell she has fillers in her lips.. you must be blind… I think she looks great.. she wasn’t pretty to me before and neither was Kylie but now they are the 2 prettyiest!! BTW Kim was gorgeous before but now she’s starting to look like a fish face!!

  • avatar wendy says:

    to much plastic surgery girls

  • avatar kandi says:

    Smh they all fake minus kendall,Kourtney kim has went over board an Kylie is following in her footsteps everybody wanna have full lips an ass like a sista but we are born naturally that way an I do makeup to an that’s pure bs ain’t nothing go make yo lips that full an kim need to stop before she start looking like a damn duck smh if god didn’t bless you with it then love the skin your in i call this just to damn much money an don’t know what to do with it but make yoself look plastic an fake smh I hope kendall stay 100% an keep her body an face the way God made her cuz she killing the modeling game an Kylie was jealous cuz she was getting all the attention an offers so she go make herself look like a fake ass baby kim lol

  • avatar debra rigby says:

    Kloe was jealous of Kylie’s facial feminization surgery/chin reduction…so she used Brucella Jenner’s plastic surgeon for HER chin reduction (as they all did). Nose thinning, eye-brow raising, and the BIG one…the masculine chin (which all of the family has)…except for shorty and Kim……oh and Kendall has an OK chin (naturally). Anyway, Kloe is such an insecure and rival-ridden sister (always checking her hair, touching it)…and NOW that she is finally a woman and no longer looks like a man….she is always looking at herself (as does Kylie)….they masturbate to themselves while checking their look on their phones….The ass implants were a desperate cry for help…..hopefully she has them removed before they leak …and she develops Graves Disease (auto-immune) !!!!! Trust me…working out is not what is doing this…it’s called the good ole surgical “saw.” BRUCE WILLIS has an ugly daughter who also had her chin reduced via saw !!!!!

  • avatar Jordan says:

    It is absolutely beyond me that khloe can say her disproportionate ass is a result of her hard work in the gym. First off, she got it after her break up with lamar before she ever took her ass to gym. Second, idc who u are, no one grows 7lbs of ass without any additional thickness to their legs within just a few months. Im sorry but the before pictures do not lie. And if their naive pathetic fans are so sure that the kardashians ass’ are real and people do infact grow overnight giant asses than they probably believe in santa clause as well. ๐Ÿ™‚ merry christmas

  • avatar Jordan says:

    Oh and also… I go to the same “skin care salon” as khloe in beverly hills and 1 it is not a skin care salon, its a dermatologist office, and 2, they absolutely do fillers there

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