Iggy Azalea Got Breast Implants for Christmas


Sheesh…Iggy Azalea really doesn’t know when to quit, does she? The 24-year old rapper / pop star has recently had MORE plastic surgery and debuted her new breast implants at the Jingle Ball concerts this month.

Iggy Azalea before and after breast implants:

Iggy was noticeably absent from the media for most of the month of November, during which time, her breasts grew by a couple of cup sizes. Sounds like Iggy planned her boob job and necessary downtime for recovery, around her concert schedule and decided to make her big reveal to her fans attending the recent Jingle Ball concerts!

Iggy Azalea before and after she opted for a boob job:iggy-azalea-breast-implants

Although she is quick to deny it, Iggy is no plastic surgery virgin and her recent breast augmentation is simply the latest procedure that she has undergone. Earlier this year, Iggy had work done on her face and lips and even that famous booty of hers is thanks to a plastic surgeon.

Rumor has it, that it was her work with Jennifer Lopez that inspired Iggy Azalea to go under the knife again, this time to increase her bust size. Adding fuel to the breast implant rumors, plastic surgeon Dr. Ashkan Ghavami posted a picture of himself with Iggy on his Instagram account on November 11th:

In the picture the two appear to be in a plastic surgery consultation room, with Dr. Ghavami wearing scrubs and Iggy dressed comfortably in a sweatshirt. The doctor captioned the picture: “Greek yogurt kind of morning with @thenewclassic. Such a sweetheart…”

So what do you think of Iggy’s latest addition to her body of work? Personally I loved how she rocked the flat chested thing and I’m a bit burned out on the head-to-toe plastic surgeried stars…

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