The Hot and The Horrible: Best and Worst Celebrity Makeovers Of 2014


Another year has come and gone, and 2014 didn’t disappoint in terms of celebrity makeovers and plastic surgery, some successful and some nightmarish. Here we break down the best and the worst famous faces that underwent rather drastic physical changes in 2014.

We will save the best for last, first let’s take a look at the worst makeovers of the year…

The Worst Celebrity Makeovers Of 2014…

Rylan Clark


Rylan Clark is a British TV personality, singer, and model. Just this year he purchased some downright scary looking teeth. Rylan’s original teeth were not perfect, but they certainly looked a lot more normal than his new blindingly white veneers.

At only 25-years old Rylan has had a fair share of plastic surgery, but his teeth take the ‘bite’ when it comes to crazy, earning him a spot among last year’s worst celebrity makeovers.

Kylie Jenner 


Last year brought Kylie Jenner a whole new level of fame, as well as plastic surgery. In fact, the world couldn’t stop talking about her drastically changed face, and mega enhanced lips. It’s not that Miss. Kylie looks bad, but seriously, she’s only a kid and already she has had more plastic surgery than the average person in their forties.

Plus, her ego has gotten fatter than her lips (and her sisters’ asses), perhaps prompting her to get even more cosmetic alterations, if only to compete with the negative attention the rest of her family attracts, like flies on sh*t.

Kim Novak 


Kim Novak reportedly had fat injected into her face this year, resulting in a rather puffy appearance that got everyone talking after she presented an award at the Oscars. Kim didn’t take well to the zillions of comments about her altered appearance, publicly stating, “In my opinion, a person has a right to look as good as they can, and I feel better when I look better.”

Nicole Kidman 


Just like Kim Novak, Nicole Kidman also has the puffy cheeks that suggest fat injections. Kidman is often assumed to have no plastic surgery, thanks to the fact she routinely tells the media she is completely natural, and has nothing in her face. I clearly see something floating between her naturally nice cheekbones and flawless skin… what about you?

Rumer Willis


As the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, Rumer has no trouble getting whatever she wants… including plenty of plastic surgery. 2014 was no different for Rumer, who continues to swap out her natural beauty for a more plastic appearance. Many complain her newest purchase of 2014, a pair of overly plump lips, is the worst decision she has yet made in regards to cosmetic alterations.

And now for the best celebrity makeovers of 2014 (drumroll please!)…

Christina Hendrick 


Christina Hendrick is yet another celebrity that loves to lie about her body, for years she claimed her ginormous breasts were real, despite the obvious. The Mad Men star with fiery red hair looks like she underwent a breast reduction this year. Her breasts are still busty, but they look noticeably smaller, causing Christina to look better than ever.



The Pawn Stars employee has lost a lot of pounds since the hit television series aired a few years ago, scoring him one of the best makeovers of 2014. Not only does Chumlee look great, but also he’s much healthier sporting his new trim physique.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson might not be the first person to score a ‘best makeover’ award, although this year has been good to Pamela. It started off a little rough around the edges, but as the months of 2014 progressed, Pamela continued to look better and better.


Ali Lohan


Ali Lohan doesn’t have the best role models to look up to, but in 2014 Lindsay Lohan’s little sister found a way to look much better by putting on some much needed weight. Ali was looking scary skinny, but on vacation in Italy she showed off a few extra pounds making her look healthier, and prettier.

Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga seems to get more and more beautiful, and 2014 was a yet another good year for the pop star. We especially love Lady Gaga’s DIY face-lift, which includes using tape to secure her face and neck tighter. In fact we love it so much, we award Gaga with one of the best celebrity makeovers of 2014. The best part is that anyone can use her tape tricks, no matter your budget.

Who do you think should be awarded with the best and worst celebrity makeovers of 2014?


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