Brazilian Model Posts Horrific Photos of Botched Plastic Surgery


Brazilian model Andressa Urach nearly lost her legs thanks to cosmetic filler injections, and she has released the gruesome photos of the damage in an attempt to warn others against the popular procedure.

* Warning – the pictures below are graphic *

Andressa Urach before her thighs started rotting from the inside out:
andressa urach filler injections

To say that plastic surgery in Brazil is popular, is an understatement, and to many Brazilian women it is a sign of wealth and social status to have obvious cosmetic enhancements. Andressa Urach can attest to this and the 27-year old model has already undergone several cosmetic surgeries including: breast implants, liposuction, butt implants, rhinoplasty, a chin reduction and a labioplasty. Interestingly enough, it was the less invasive filler injections that left Andressa in excruciating pain and fighting for her life.

Years ago, Andressa had hydrogel and PMMA (polymethyl-methacrylate) injected into her butt and thighs to make them bigger, and initially she was thrilled with the results. Her new curves even landed her as second runner up in the controversial Miss Bum Bum Brazil contest, in 2012. But, things took a turn for the worse in 2014, when Andressa started experiencing extreme pain in her legs and it was discovered that the filler was rotting her legs from the inside out.

The damage caused to Andressa Urach’s legs from injectable fillers:

After several unsuccessful attempts to drain the filler from her legs, Andressa spent a month in the Intensive Care Unit, fighting for her life. She is now slowly recovering from septic shock and at one point, it was thought that doctors would need to amputate one or both of her legs. As of now, it looks like Andressa will slowly recover, and keep all of her limbs, but removing fillers completely from the body is nearly impossible, since they freely move throughout the body. Therefore this may be a life-long battle that will keep Andressa in and out of the hospital indefinitely.



  • avatar Lola says:

    Oh my god..

    I honestly would love to get wider hips and a bigger ass, but all these complications are just not worth it. Ill stick to padded underwear.

    This is so sad..she’s so young. I hope she recovers soon and I hope everyone thinking of getting this done would see these pictures and posts. The procedures dont seem to be as secure and safe as it is implied by the number of girls getting them. Good for her for speaking out and posting these pictures.

  • avatar daynet says:

    How horrible. I hope that this won’t turn into be a ‘life-long battle’ for this woman.

    I wonder if she was allergic to the filler? Either way, it’s truly a nightmarish scenario.

    The only tweak I might consider is Botox, but I will likely never even have that!

  • avatar Vanity, All Is Vanity... says:

    Lovely. Another fool making bad choices and then acting surprised at the results. The dumbing down is complete. Hmm… let’s inject crap into our bodies so we can win a beauty contest. Yes, this sounds like a brilliant idea.

    Just as every idiot who puts a cigarette to their lips cries ‘why me?’ when the cancer takes them to their grave, we watch you humans as you do not bother to bother to understand yourselves and your world and you doom yourselves to a miserable life when you were made for greatness.

    How long will you abide by your ignorance and not your greatness?

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