6 Of The Weirdest Cosmetic Procedures Rapidly Growing in Popularity


Hand lifts, vaginal reconstruction, thigh gap procedure, the list of new plastic surgeries just keeps getting odder and odder.

Every few years a new slew of trendy procedures hits the scene, some so strange surgeons feel conflicted about performing them. Dr. Richard Ellenbogen, a board-certified plastic surgeon that practices out of Beverly Hills says, “After being in this practice for almost 40 years, I’ve seen new things come and go. There are only a few things that have really stuck on and that have actually gotten better as time goes on.”

Growing up with my dad in the car business I was taught to never buy a car the first year a new model comes out, to wait until all of the ‘kinks’ are worked out. The same could be said for plastic surgery, getting a new procedure may or may not end in your favor. After all if a surgeon has only conducted a particular surgery a few times many kinks are not yet worked out.

Still, there are men and women out there desperate enough to give the latest trends a try, regardless of what the potential consequences may be.

Lately, some of the weirdest cosmetic procedures EVER have been rapidly gaining popularity. Some of which you may have never even considered, but now that it’s a possibility…

1. The Thigh Gap Procedure

The thigh gap was originally only fantasized about by anorexics, and then suddenly it swept the nation and now it seems every other woman wants one. Many women are thin and fit and still don’t have a thigh gap. A thigh gap is a natural body shape for women who are skinny and have wide hips, or for women who are just way too thin all together. Since women of all body types suddenly covet this space between their inner thighs, a procedure has hit the industry that promises to give you the thigh gap of your dreams.


A clinic in Dallas, Texas is offering what is known as “Thigh Gap Therapy,” which includes using cold laser treatments to zap out excess fat between your thighs. The device is called the Zerona, and it is supposed to shrink your fat cells and allow them to exit your body through the lymphatic system.  The device received FDA approval back in 2010 for safety, but not for effectiveness. Many doctors are skeptical that it doesn’t work at all, we suggest saving your money!

2. Hand Lifts

Want your hand selfies to look better than ever? So do plenty of other people, many of which have undergone a cosmetic procedure to take years off their hands. Doctors are now getting plenty of requests from patients to inject Juvéderm into their hands in order to reduce wrinkles and give hands a more plump, youthful appearance without any wait time.

If this sounds like your dream come true, be prepared to spend $1,200 on the procedure which only takes 10 minutes, and lasts a mere 9-months at the very most.


3. Cinderella Surgery 

Some women are WAY better at walking in high heels than others; I admit I am one of the worst! I’m fine in heels for a dinner or any event that doesn’t require too much walking, but it doesn’t take long for my feet to ache like no other. I suppose I’m over qualified for Cinderella surgery, the latest trend that includes snipping off parts of your feet in order to make shoes fit better and more comfortably. Depending on your particular needs, toes can be shorted or lengthened, bunions removed, and in some cases fat is injected at the bottom of the foot, sort of like a permanent Dr. Scholls made of your own fat.


4. The Internal Bra

If you’re looking for perkier breasts, the internal bra promises to give you just that. Silicon cups are inserted beneath each breast and then attached to thin silk straps, which are literally screwed into your rib cage to remain in place. A push up bra sounds so much less painful!


5. Vaginal Reconstruction

Vaginal plastic surgery is less of a trend and more of a permanent fixture, as more and more women undergo the seemingly painful operation. Doctors can remove excess labial skin, tighten the vagina, and even increase the size of your “G spot” to spice up your sexual encounters.

Labiaplasty before and after

6. Dimple Creation

If you want dimples but weren’t born with them you can now achieve your own matching pair of cheek dents through plastic surgery. A surgeon creates a small incision on the inside of your mouth to place a tiny suture between the skin and the buccinators muscle, thus giving off the illusion of dimples every time you smile.


Is there a crazy cosmetic surgery you are considering? If so, share in the comments section below!



  • avatar chris says:

    I kinda like the hand lift procedure even though it is more for me a hand rejuvination process, besides hands are the body parts that definitely tell your age. the before after picture is impressive and it is quick and reversible.

  • avatar oldonna says:

    beauty is only skin deep. save your money for more important things

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