Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Is Back ~ Now With More Botched Plastic Surgery!


Farrah Abraham doesn’t need to practice making her duck face anymore! Thanks to her lip injections gone wrong Farrah is stuck wearing a permanent duck face nowadays. The worst part of all is that her new lips may be a painfully permanent feature she will have to learn to live with.


Farrah Abraham wanted bigger lips, but maybe this isn’t exactly what she had in mind. The 23-year-old Teen Mom star now has some of the biggest lips on the planet, perhaps even a little too big for kissing.

Farrah clearly has been enjoying the money she earned through her appearances on the MTV reality show Teen Mom. Instead of using the funds for her daughter’s future, Farrah has been busy making numerous cosmetic alterations. In 2013 Farrah had her breasts upgraded from a C-cup to a D. This same year, Farrah also underwent surgery for a chin implant, costing a rumored $21,000.


Last year, Farrah decided to make her lips larger as well, and began playing with collagen injections. She was loving her results, and posting endless selfies in proof, until something went horribly wrong.

This month Farrah posted photos of her mega-lips as she sat in the emergency room awaiting answers on why her upper lip ballooned 10x the size of her lower lip. The former porn star captioned the photo, “Girlfriends don’t say I didn’t warn ya!”


Not only are her lips HUGE but they are also causing her a great deal of pain, which can be seen through the Nova pain patch clearly stuck on her arm in one of the photos she posted to social media.

2475AEFB00000578-2899446-Before_she_went_under_the_knife_In_May_2010_at_the_Teen_Moms_Tel-a-11_1420587501055Above: Farrah back in 2010 showcasing a much more natural look

Perhaps the worst part of all is that doctors don’t know if the results are reversible or not, it all depends on what caused the massive swelling in the first place. Plastic and reconstruction surgeon, John Zannis, M.D. says there are a couple of complications that can lead to this issue.

First, a hematoma, or massive swelling caused by a collection of blood, could be the issue. This can occur if the doctor hits a blood vessel during the injections, but is thankfully reversible.

Secondly, a rare inflammatory response might be to blame, although also reversible. This could occur if Farrah is allergic to the FDA approved hyaluronic acid fillers used for lip injections in the US.

The last possible scenario is the most dangerous of all, and if it turns out to be the cause of her huge lips it won’t be reversible. There are doctors in the US willing to inject just about anything into patient’s lips, including substances that are not FDA approved, nor are they guaranteed sterile or even safe for human injection. If this is the case far worse side effects besides swelling can occur, such as permanent tissue death.


Judging by her recent posts to social media it’s hard to tell if Farrah is still experiencing issues related to her giant lips. Rumors hint that Farrah might make an appearance on the next season of BOTCHED in order to have her lips fixed by the best doctors in the biz. Otherwise, perhaps she’ll get back into porn; directors looking to make a movie based on ‘lip fetishes’ just might be in luck!

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  • avatar Tom Cassady says:

    I had my lips plumped up several years ago….this type of swelling is normal for some folks. It’s gone by the next day.

  • avatar Bill says:

    Why do they get those big duck lips? I know one good reason but other than that they look so stupid. Farrah, you should have stopped with your tits, they look great.

  • avatar cocoa says:

    This person obviously hates herself. So many plastic surgeries at 24yrs. Old….. Sadly no matter how many surgeries she has, she will ALWAYS be a disgustingly UGLY person. The procedure she should have is a HYSTERECTOMY!!!!! STOP THE MADNESS!

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