Despite $50 Million Dollar Deficit, New York School Teachers Still Receiving Free Boob Jobs Paid For by Tax Payers


8f1b963a70e188c78708d336b6ed426aWant to get a boob job but don’t know how you will pay for it? One way to get liposuction, breast implants, and Botox for free is to become a teacher in Buffalo, New York. While the Buffalo school district is not doing so well in terms of graduation rates or test scores, they are spending TONS of money on cosmetic surgery for their teachers.

We wrote about Buffalo school district’s excessive spending on cosmetic surgery nearly 2-years ago, and guess what… it’s STILL going on, in fact more tax payer money than ever is going towards nose jobs, breast implants, silicon injections and more!

The unique benefit these teachers receive is included in the union members insurance plan, and is known as the “cosmetic rider.”

The Buffalo school district has a $50 million budget deficit, and over 40% of their student body is failing out of school. Regardless, last year alone teachers within the district received $5.4 million dollars of free cosmetic surgery, that’s up 9.5% from 2 years before.

According to figures from the American Society of Plastic Surgery, with $5.4 million dollars approximately 1,200 teachers from the Buffalo school district could have undergone some sort of plastic surgery last year. To put that number in perspective there are only 2,643 teachers in the entire Buffalo district.


This perk has been included for teachers for many years, but lately due to the districts drastically poor performance and graduation rates that hardly reach 56%, tax payers are starting to get angry, and rightfully so. Why pay for your child’s teacher to have breast implants when they are not helping your child make it into college?

I’ve spent a lot of time conducting research on public school performance, and so I know it’s not 100% the fault of the teachers that students are not doing well.  Teachers are underpaid and overworked, and classrooms are lacking the materials necessary to excite students… and that’s only part of the problem. Still, it seems illogical to pump up teacher salaries with free plastic surgery… what sort of message are we trying to send to the kids that attend these schools?

sexy-teacherFor years the school union has been under fire for the plastic surgery perk, although they have yet to make any changes. As a result there’s a good chance a Buffalo teacher is getting Botox injections or breast implants paid for by local tax dollars while you are reading this.

Plastic surgeons that practice in Buffalo love this perk, but of course. In proof, the June 2014 union newsletter included ads for Botox, breast implants, facelifts and more via three local cosmetic clinics. It’s a no brainer to advertise to teachers, after all these luxury services are free of cost, all thanks to taxpayers.

Eradicating the $5.4 million dollar “cosmetic rider” expense will not solve the school budget deficit of $50 million, but it’s a start to doing something right. After all, why should tax dollars dedicated to education go to anything other than the children attending Buffalo schools?  Based on graduation rates and test scores, this student body can use all of the help they can get… and not in terms of bigger breasted teachers.

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