Beauty Queen Dies While Undergoing Liposuction She Won In The Queen Of Duran Pageant



The prize for winning the ‘Queen Of Duran’ was liposuction, something 19-year-old Catherine Cando Cornejo was ecstatic to win.   Little did the young, beautiful woman know that the prized procedure would end up taking her life all too soon.


At 8:23 am Catherine was admitted to the Guayaquil clinic hopeful about her scheduled procedure to trim 1-inch off of her waist via liposuction. It was 10 long hours later that Catherine’s family got the call saying their beloved daughter had passed away during the procedure.

The lawyer representing the clinic originally said the cause of death was cerebral edema, also known as swelling of the brain. Although an autopsy proved otherwise, showing Catherine died due to cardiac arrest, which is typically to blame on issues with anesthesia.

The young woman’s family is claiming medical malpractice. According to Catherine’s brother, Daniel Zavala Cornejo, “The doctor insisted on several occasions… and convinced her to undergo surgery. She was thinking about letting someone else have it as a freebie but eventually she agreed to have it just to get him off her back.”


Other mysteries also surround the prized plastic surgery gone wrong. While Catherine’s family says she won the plastic surgery from the pageant, the mayor of Duran has a different story. He says the jury panel included a plastic surgeon, and he is the one who offered the pageant winner a $1,000 coupon for the procedure. A spokesman for the pageant said, “We made it clear that the prizes we hand out, our prizes, were a car and tablet.”

The President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa has publicly criticized beauty pageants saying they are sexist and hold no educational value. Back in 2010, he ordered the Education Ministry to place a ban on pageant related events in public schools.

In Ecuador, professional malpractice can earn up to three years behind bars. No arrests have been made regarding the case so far, but authorities are busy investigating what really happened.


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