Alicia Douvall Regrets Spending All Of Her Money On 350+ Cosmetic Procedures


Celebrity Big Brother star Alicia Douvall was a beautiful young woman, but her addiction to plastic surgery has completely changed everything about her natural appearance. Douvall confesses, “Apart from my daughter’s education, I spent nothing on anything but surgery. I ate beans on toast and never had a holiday… I’ve had so much surgery, my face doesn’t move.”


The self-proclaimed addict has battled more than few demons over the years, and throughout all of her ups and downs she has completely altered her appearance. In fact, 36-year old Douvall has undergone more than 350 cosmetic procedures, many of which have caused negative health effects.

Until a few years ago Douvall was still hitting up plastic surgeons hot and heavy, but at some point she came to the realization she had gone too far. She told the Sunday Mirror, “I needed to stop. It was destroying my life and could have killed me. I finally feel like I’ve got my obsession under control and I’m living a healthy life.”


Douvall before taking plastic surgery to the extreme (left), and after undergoing hundreds of procedures (right)

Douvall realizes she was crazy for undergoing so much surgery, but at the time it seemed like the only thing to do. In her own words “…addiction is an illness. It’s such a shame what I’ve done to myself.”

Douvall has spent a lot of time bruised up and stitched up after undergoing 350+ procedures

Even after making a vow to give up going under the knife, Alicia Douvall’s life was far from rainbows, butterflies, and sunshine. Just last year Douvall almost fell prey to her depression after attempting to take her own life. Thankfully for her two daughters, Georgia and Papaya, Douvall’s suicide attempt was a failure.

Douvall has worked hard to overcome her addictions, even spending time in rehab. Prior to trying to get her love for surgery under control she would go to all kinds of measures to get more work done. Including talking boyfriends into paying for the surgery. Who knows what boyfriends forked over the cash, after all Douvall has had her share of wealthy boy toys, including Simon Cowell.


Douvall says at her worst she took a Barbie doll into a surgery consultation in order to show the look doctor the look she was after.   “I was unwell – addicted to surgery. But none of those doctors tried to stop me. I think they just wanted my money.”

Like a few other stars that have undergone more plastic surgery procedures than they can count, Douvall has a lot of regrets. She can’t smile properly anymore, she can’t get a full breath out of her nose, and she adds, “If I’d never had surgery, I’d be far better looking than I am now.”

Despite all of her regrets and downfalls Douvall admits feeling stronger than ever now. But is Alicia Douvall really done with plastic surgery for good?

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