JWoww Explains Why She Got Another Boob Job Just Months After Giving Birth


Jenni “JWoww” Farley is no stranger to big fake boobs, and now she has gone out and gotten herself an entirely new pair, and she’s super excited to show them off.


In November, Farley and her fiancé Roger Matthews welcomed a new baby girl to the family. Shortly after giving birth to daughter Meilani, Farley decided it was time for another boob job. Don’t let the pictures fool you; her breasts are not any bigger than they were before. Farley simply exchanged out her old implants for a new set of the same exact size, a gigantic 34F.


In a lengthy post to her website, Farley explained to fans why she had her breast implants redone. She got her first set of implants around 10-years ago and after breast feeding they were no longer the same. Plus she adds, “You know, they recommend changing them every 10 years and I’ve had them for over 10 years, so it was time! Now they are nice and bouncy!!!”

Farley and her pal Snookie recently made a duo appearance on Access Hollywood, where they discussed life as mommies. Since giving birth JWoww admits slacking off about going to the gym, “I haven’t worked out because I’m so obsessed with her, so I can’t get to the gym.” Another reason Farley will have to postpone hitting the gym anytime soon is because she just had her breasts redone.


If Meilani wants to go under the knife when she’s older, Farley says she will fully support her daughter’s decision to do so. As only an infant, Meilani seems a little young to already score permission to hit up plastic surgeons. Farley defends her premature decision saying, “I want my daughter to have self confidence. I want her to be secure. If she has a problem with her nose or her boob, or if there’s something she would really like to fix that would improve her confidence, why not?”

Her comments shouldn’t come as a surprise considering Farley recently posted this picture of her baby girl sporting hair extensions, a padded chest, and big sunglasses:


Farley is far from done undergoing plastic surgery herself. She says that the older she gets, the more surgery she is going to need. Adding, “”I’m not trying to get old and wrinkled. I’m turning 30, I’m not turning 40. 40 is a whole other level. Talk to me then, I’ll be injecting Botox myself.”


Snooki is also coveting a new rack, although she says she is going to wait until after she finishes having all of her children to go under the knife—perhaps she has learned from watching Farley undergo multiple boob jobs. Leaving us all to wonder: will Farley get new implants every time she has a new baby?

No need to wonder, Farley has already answered the question herself: ‘I’ll get another one in a few years after I have my next baby. YES, I said it! I want another baby and that’s why I wanted to get them done now before we try again and before our wedding too!” 

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