Melissa Gilbert Dishes On Boob Jobs and Why She Happily Had Her Implants Removed



Melissa Gilbert no longer has giant jugs; in fact In January of this year she had her implants completely removed, going from a 34-DD to a much more modest B-cup. American actress and mother of 4, Melissa Gilbert discussed why she decided to have her breast implants removed in an interview with Dr. Oz earlier this month. The gorgeous and down to earth actress cites health concerns as her main reason for the decision.

Melissa Gilbert has been in the spotlight for practically her entire life. Her 1974 to 1983 role as Laura Ingles on the television series “Little House On The Prairie” originally jump-started her acting career. Interestingly, it was playing Ms. Ingles that got Gilbert obsessed with having larger breasts, as she was required to wear a padded bra while filming episodes.


Gilbert has since undergone multiple boob jobs, and by the time she was 20 she had already had three nose jobs. She got her first implants when she was 28, and 12 years later she had her implants replaced and a breast lift done. Her breasts have been a number of sizes throughout the years. The actress gushes, “At their peak, they were a 34-EE!”


These days the new grandmother simply wants to be healthy so that she can see her grandchildren graduate from high school. Melissa, who looks incredibly youthful for 50-years-old, says, “I made a decision that whatever it takes, I’m going to age as naturally and gracefully as I can… I felt that having implants, having something foreign in my body, was not a healthy decision.”

That’s not to say Gilbert is completely opposed to plastic surgery. Instead, she just advocates for women to know exactly what they are signing up for when they go under the knife. Adding, “The one thing the medical community will admit to is that breast implants will not last forever in your body. They have to be replaced.”

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  • avatar Koen @ says:

    Hi Becky,

    Interesting article, thanks for writing! What I found is that not many celebrities admit they had surgery.

    Most celebrities just deny or just don’t talk about it. So Melissa Gilbert is one of the few exceptions when it comes to admitting cosmetic surgery. Which I think is brave, don’t you think?

    Kind regards,


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