Christina Milian Is Shopping for Butt Implants ~ How Big Will She Go?



Christina Milian is back with her new E! reality series, Turned Up. Already we have seen the fresh-faced 33-year-old singer open up about a lot of things, including her desire for a new derriere. In the past, Christina hasn’t been known to undergo much plastic surgery, but the pressure for big buns is stronger than ever and she just might be ready to go under the knife.

Camera crews followed Christina into her consultation at a plastic surgery clinic in Beverly Hills. Christina told her doctor, “I don’t know much about plastic surgery so I’m here to learn how to get a bigger, more glorious butt.”


Christina brought some supporters to her consultation, including her sister and one of her friends who already went under the knife for butt implants. Her sister says Christina is always interested in the latest trends, and there’s no denying the hot sensation surrounding big butts right now. Still, Christina isn’t about to go under the knife without doing plenty of research, oh and taking her padded rear out for a test drive.

At her consultation, the singer was given a special pair of enhanced panties, allowing her to see what she looks like with different size butt implants. Her friend, Stella, jokes at one point during the appointment, “Imagine your shadow on the red carpet!”


Christina’s favorite booty was big enough to give her a little shelf, but still allowed her to squeeze into her tight jeans.


Christina looks ready for surgery, but not so fast… the singer simply took the padded panties home to think about things.


How big Christina’s butt will grow in the future remains a mystery! Will she stick with the padded panties or go the whole nine and opt for butt implants?

Do you think Christina Milan should get butt implants?


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