Zack Galifianakis Is Kind of Hot After Dropping 50 Pounds!


Zach Galifianakis hit the comedy scene as a fat and hilarious dude we all loved for his extra chub. Zach has been slimming down for the last couple of years, and he is starting to look like a completely different man.


In January, Zach made an appearance at the SAG Awards sporting a slim physique that captured a lot of attention. It is estimated that Zach dropped a good 50 pounds, giving the actor and stand-up comedian a much healthier look. In order to shed the weight Zach admits going on an alcohol free diet. Thus far, the comedian hasn’t shared any specific gym regimens or egg white breakfast recipes; instead he simply says cutting back on beer and other types of booze drastically decreased his waistline.

Zach says, “I stopped drinking and I just kind of put the weight off. I was having a lot of vodka with sausage. Delicious but bad for you.”


Perhaps as shocking as his weight loss, Zach recently revealed he and his wife, Quinn Lundberg, are new parents of a baby boy. It seems plausible that a new child sparked Zach’s desire to get healthier, although his weight loss journey started back in 2012, after having his face spit on by two guys during a drunken encounter in New York.

The altercation occurred after a Jaguar cut him off as he was crossing the street. Drunk and unable to control his rage he slammed his hand down on the car as hard as he could. Zack recalled, “I turn around, and it’s two huge, 6-foot-6 guys. They both, at the same time, spit in my face!”

Even though it was just spit and the big burly men could have done much worse to the chubby drunk man, it was a huge wake up call that both humiliated and frightened the successful actor.

Prior to this drunken brawl Zach admits having an alcohol problem for many years. He told Conon O’Brien, “I was getting into too much trouble with the drinking.”

Removing booze from his diet instantly reduced his waistline. In fact, while filming the 2013 release of The Hangover Part III he had to wear a prosthetic belly. It’s been well over a year and Zach is still avoiding the booze and keeping the weight off, looking thinner and sexier than ever these days!


I just hope he and his new body continue to go after the dream of becoming a swimsuit model…


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