Wasted Kristina Shannon Lets it Slip That She Will Be On “Botched”…



I fell in love with Botched during season 1, and have been anxiously waiting season two, which is scheduled to premier on April 14th, 2015 on E! As it turns out, former Playboy model Kristina Shannon is just as excited about this news as I am.

Recently a very drunk Kristina Shannon was spotted on Sunset Boulevard. She was falling all over the grimy concrete, spilling out of her top and spilling some of her secrets. According to video footage captured by a TMZ photographer, Kristina fell really hard, and more than a few times, trying to make her way down the street after leaving Chateau Marmont on a Thursday night.


Good thing Shannon had a friend with her to help her stay upright in her strappy heels. “Get up, get up.” Her friend kept telling her, oh how fun it is to play babysitter to a very drunk BFF.

When the TMZ cameraman showed up to help, Kristina didn’t hesitate to inform him, “I just got my nose and boobs done.” That was after he mistakenly called her Kristen, but she was too drunk to let a little mistaken identity upset her buzz.

When pressed for more details about her new boobs, did she go bigger or smaller, Kristina simply flashed the top of her bulging cleavage and said, “You’ll have to watch the show…. Botched.” She then proceeded to stumble into the backseat of a waiting Mercedes, but not before falling on her ass yet again.


Kristina Shannon and her twin sister Karissa moved into the Playboy Mansion in 2008 as two of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends. During their whirlwind stay at the famed Mansion the twin’s shared a centerfold in Playboy magazine for two consecutive months, and starred on The Girls Next Door.


Since their peak of short-lived fame, the two have moved out of the mansion and struggled to remain in the spotlight. It looks like Kristina found a way onto E! Network again; using previously ‘botched’ plastic surgery to score a spot on season two of Botched.

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