Do You Like Bruce Jenner’s Sexy New Lips?


Everyone that regularly appears on the Kardashian reality show has one thing in common: they can’t get enough plastic surgery, and Bruce Jenner is no exception. Earlier this month, 65-year-old Bruce stepped out in Westlake Village, California sporting a much fuller set of lips. His new lips look to be about twice the size of his original lips.

Bruce Jenner before and after lip plumping injections:

Bruce was running to Starbucks for some caffeine when paparazzi took note of his swollen lips and started snapping pics. Many are wondering if this is a sign Bruce will soon become Beatrice.

Apparently after his car crash in February, Bruce has decided to speed up his procedure to become a woman.

According to a source close to Bruce, “He’s thankful to be alive and that in and of itself has made him want to speed up the process of his transition. He feels his life was spared and to him it’s a direct message from the universe that he should continue his process of self-discovery and he’s doing just that!”

Long before rumors of Bruce’s sex change surfaced, the former Olympian had a fair share of plastic surgery, so the lips shouldn’t come as much as a surprise.

Kendall Jenner is now denying she ever confirmed her father having a sex change in the first place. Yet, according to US Weekly magazine, the clan has been informed of Bruce’s decision on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s (KUWTK) filmed in January of this year.

This family loves to shock one another and the public; after all they will do anything to hang onto that spotlight. So while the Kardashian’s appear very supportive as they rally behind Bruce’s decision, they are also likely thankful for the added attention it has brought to their family.


Do Bruce’s new plump lips mean he is one step closer to finalizing his dreams of becoming a woman and feeling comfortable in his own skin? Maybe, maybe not– I suppose we will have to wait for the next season of KUWTK to find out more. Nothing against Bruce, but I can just hear Kim and her crazy mom thinking: SCORE, another way to keep people watching our age-old, been-there-seen-that reality show!

Seriously, no other reality show makes it this long because families don’t have enough real drama to keep the public interested. The Kardashian’s have found a way to keep the drama on high—salvage all self-respect. At least the latest drama with Bruce is good for the LGBT community as well as the world’s understanding and acceptance of gender reassignment.

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