Amber Rose’s Fake Butt Revealed in Court Battle Over Deadly Butt Injections


One of Amber Rose’s biggest secrets was inadvertently revealed in a recent court battle over deadly butt injections: Her big ol’ booty is the result of butt shots and plastic surgery, not genetics and exercise!

Back before Kanye West and Wiz Kalifa, Amber Rose was just a teenage stripper, looking to make a buck. And like many exotic dancers, Amber was ready willing and able to artificially enhance her body in order to improve her bottom line. Instead of visiting a plastic surgeon, Amber decided to visit Padge-Victoria Windslowe, who is also known as the “Black Madame”, for a round or two of cheap (and illegal) booty enhancing injections.

Amber’s booty wasn’t always such a hand-full…
amber rose kanye west fake booty grab

Fast forward to 2015, and the “Black Madame” had been arrested and convicted of manslaughter for performing this same procedure on other woman, which has resulted in injury and death. During the “pumping parties” put on by Padge-Victoria Winslowe, woman looking for curvier bodies pay hundreds to thousands of dollars to have Windslowe inject industrial grade liquid silicon into their bodies, seal them up with a bit of Krazy Glue and a cotton ball and send them on their way. Not surprisingly, this dangerous procedure doesn’t alway turn out well and in 2011, a woman was sent to the hospital after Windslowe injected the toxic silicon into her butt. Unfortunately, 20-year old Claudia Aderotimi, lost her life after the liquid silicon made its way to her lungs, liver and brain. This didn’t deter Windslowe and she continued injecting woman with her toxic concoctions, which landed another woman in the hospital in 2012.

Padge-Victoria Windslowe was finally arrested and recently stood trial for manslaughter and aggravated result. Instead of expressing remorse for the death and injury that she caused, she seemed more interested in talking about how great she was at these illegal body-enhancing injections, dropping names of celebrities and promoting her career as a Gothic hip-hop artist. According to Windslowe, she was “the best” and called herself “the Michelangelo of butt injections”. During the trial Windslowe also stated that she is partially responsible for Amber Rose’s famous curves, and said that after injecting Amber, Amber became a “walking billboard” for Windslowe, which increased the demand for her illegal services. Not surprisingly, Windslowe was convicted of manslaughter and aggravated assault and is currently in jail awaiting sentencing. Looks like Amber Rose is going to have to get her butt shots somewhere else!

Amber Rose before and after butt augmentation:
Amber Rose before and after butt shots

Kanye West was clearly a fan of Windslowe’s work, and according to Windslowe, Kanye even dropped Amber off for another round of her illegal injections. Kanye West likes big butts and he can not lie! And he seems to like big ol’ fake butts the best…Which is ironic, since plastic surgery performed by a real cosmetic surgeon was the cause of death for Kanye’s own mother in 2008.

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