Kendra Wilkinson Wants To Ditch The Playboy Image By Removing Her Breast Implants


Once upon The Girls Next Door, Kendra Wilkinson was a boisterous playmate who loved sports, hated cleaning (do you remember how messy her room was?!) and enjoyed showing off her giant jugs. More than a few years have passed since Kendra’s Playboy mansion days, and a whole lot has changed for Hugh Hefner’s ex-girlfriend. Kendra married former NFL football player Hank Baskett and the two have two young kids together.

kendra-wilkinson-weight-lossThen & Now: Kendra’s image has changed considerably since her Playboy days. 

Motherhood has changed the former wild child and Kendra revealed she plans to have her famously large breast implants removed in exchange for a more reserved look.

After giving birth to baby number two, Kendra has lost 55-pounds in five months on a low-carb ketogenic-inspired Atkins diet. Prior to getting pregnant she weighed 120 pounds, but during her pregnancy she watched her weight increase to 175 pounds.


Thanks to her hard work she was able to score the rocking Playboy body she became famous for, but the Playboy image isn’t for Kendra any longer.

Kendra told Life & Style, “All men want to see is a body that pleases their eyes, especially in my case because I come from the Playboy world. They don’t want to see my body doing something other than pleasing them. My body used to be to please men, but my body is for me now and it is to please me.”


The 29-year-old doesn’t care if men like her body anymore; in fact she hopes they don’t because that means she’s “shedding the Playboy image.”

Breastfeeding two babies altered the way Kendra feels about her breasts. She says, “I’m going through a phase right now where I don’t fit my boobs anymore. I’m thinking about a reduction because that was a phase and now I am out of it. When I was breastfeeding, it became hard not to look at my boobs and see them as milk and fat.”


Kendra was only 18-years-old when she moved into the Playboy Mansion with Hugh Hefner and his other girlfriends. Prior to moving into the mansion Kendra admits battling self-esteem issues, drug addiction and thoughts of suicide. By her early teens Kendra was already hooked on crystal meth, cocaine and LSD, and by the time she was 14 she nearly died of a drug overdose.

Just a few years later, Kendra was able to put her rough past behind her in exchange for a life of reality super stardom. On The Girls Next Door Kendra always seemed incredibly happy-go-lucky, and when she married Hank Baskett in 2009 her personal fairytale continued. For a while the name of her reality show “Kendra on Top” seemed incredibly fitting.

Just like normal people, celebrities face personal trials too. In proof, Kendra’s smooth sailing came to an abrupt halt last year when news her husband cheated on her with a transsexual model hit home hard. The news brought back the same self-confidence issues that had plagued her throughout youth. She felt unattractive lugging around her extra baby weight and worried about the state of her marriage due to her husband’s infidelity.

After a brief split, Kendra and Hank rekindled their connection. Kendra admits, “It’s going to take a lifetime to trust him again.”


Perhaps a whole new look is what Kendra needs to get back on top. What do you think? Share in the comments below!

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  • avatar Bill says:

    What can be said about an idiot like this? She goes from semi decent to uuuggghhhh and she thinks it’s an improvement……what a joke!

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