Selena Gomez Wants A Brazilian Butt Lift For All The Wrong Reasons


Disney and Nickelodeon stars that go mainstream have one thing in common: they feel the need to sex-up their image in order to ditch their squeaky clean reputation. Selena Gomez is no different, and rumor has it that she is also vamping it up to impress ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber.

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Although Selena is now dating musician Zedd, who loves Selena in her current state, she just can’t seem to get over the jealously that she feels towards all of those sexy girls that Justin Bieber cheated on her with. Sure, Selena and Zed are now happily together, hey they even created a hit song together, but according to insiders and endless rumors… the heart wants what it wants, and Justin Bieber still holds a lot of pull over Selena. So much so, insiders say she wants a Brazilian butt lift in order to further sex up her image.

Selena-Gomez-Cara-Delevingne-Bikini-Saint-TropezAbove: Selena was recently spotted having fun on the water in Saint-Tropez with her gal-pal Cara Delevingne and her new love interest.

Even if she wouldn’t ever take the trashy Biebs back again, their seedy on and off again relationship has undoubtedly impacted her ego… just as any similar relationship does to everyday girls all around the world. Even though it’s completely illogical, if a dude cheats on you it’s almost impossible not to compare yourself to the other chick, even if she’s ten leagues beneath. And although Selena’s talent and beauty is enough to make most people swoon, Selena feels that a bigger butt is what she was lacking that made her precious Justin stray. So much so, that Selena really wants to undergo the popular Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, which involves removing fat from your waist and thighs and transferring it to the butt to lift and shape the rear view.

Clearly celebrities are not exempt from that horrible flaw of picking yourself apart when a lover cheats on you, and there’s one thing Selena realizes Bieber’s endless flock of girl-toys have that she doesn’t. It’s not beauty, brains, talent or charm. Nope, instead it’s a big old booty and a whole lot of sex appeal.

Not that Selena isn’t sexy; Selena is gorgeous, and I’m not going to lie I love her catchy music, which I can be found blasting in my car on any given day. Despite her great looks and platinum success, Selena has a good-girl image and Bieber cheated on her again and again with girls that were far from ‘goody two-shoes.’ Even celebrities that get endless attention can’t ignore something like this, and many think this is why Selena is trying to sex up her image.

Selena then and now:

It appears the pretty pop star has already gotten some plump new lips, hence this photo from her Instagram (above, right). Selena has always had full lips, but it appears her top lip is much plumper than usual (see photo on left for comparison).

Hmmm… Will the next plumped up asset Selena shows off be her bottom?

Her racy Instagram photos are only part of her new image. A couple months ago Selena also posed topless for V Magazine. A far cry from the covered up Selena we have grown to love over the years.


Hey, maybe she doesn’t want Biebs back, but perhaps she thinks acting sexier will keep Zed from developing the same wandering eye disease Justin clearly struggles with.


Selena’s career continues to take off with the handsome Zed by her side, making it seem like Selena really is over Justin Bieber, and she should be. But lovers from the past can still make you do crazy things, like go under the knife for a new and improved booty.

What do you think, will Selena Gomez have a new nickname before long… Selena GomAZZ?

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