Candice Bergan Gets Candid About Plastic Surgery And Being Fat



Candice Bergen has enjoyed a long and successful career entertaining the masses, and the entertainment continues thanks to her recently released memoir “A Fine Romance.” On April 7, Bergen got rather candid on the Today Show with Matt Lauer. Lauer and 68-year-old Bergen buzzed through many topics including her weight, past plastic surgeries and even her least favorite type of person to have lunch with!

In Bergen’s memoir she says she loves eating far too much to care about being fat. This comment earned her a lot of unexpected attention. Lauer made sure to ask for the details, and so while wearing a joyful, confident grin Bergen explained, “It was a scant reference on page 150 or something. I was just saying, I don’t enjoy eating lunch with some women who only have kale. I just find it limiting. I’d rather not go on, if that’s what I have to eat to fuel myself.”

candice-bergen-1Candice Bergen throughout the years aging with style, grace and plenty of smiles 

Bergen isn’t above the pressures we all feel, she candidly admitted that although she’s very comfortable in her own skin, “I mean, would I love to lose 10, 15 pounds? Absolutely. But I just haven’t taken the steps to do it.” Judging by her lighthearted attitude, and radiating self-confidence you won’t see her dropping those excess pounds any time soon. Not that she needs to she looks incredible and very healthy.

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The former Murphy Brown star also admitted how many times she has undergone cosmetic surgery. The 68-year old actress has been under the knife twice, both times while she was starring on Murphy Brown. While in her 40’s, Candice had an eye lift as well as a neck lift. According to Candice, “I had my eyes done at 41 when I started Murphy [Brown]. Then the following year I had some bands under my neck [done] because the light was catching them [on set]…and that’s all I’ve had done.”


Her memoir also dishes other details from behind the scenes of Murphy Brown, which she worked on from 1988 to 1998. Bergen earned a total of five Emmy awards for her performance on the show before removing her name from the running.

Bergen may have played a monster character (Kathy Morningside) in the film Miss Congeniality, but the real life Bergen is a total sweetheart. Her reasoning for removing herself from the Emmy nominations for Murphy Brown was completely pure and genuine. She revealed to Lauer, “Every time I would get back to the set of Murphy [Brown] after winning an Emmy it would take about a week to get back to normal. It was an ensemble cast and they all deserved Emmys [too]. I loved the cast and the crew.”

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